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Complaint Against Vishnu Nagar Police Inspector Before Kalyan Magistrate To Register FIR

Kalyan: Complaint file under CRPC 156 before Kalyan Magistrate  against the accused for forgery and making forge Board Resolution against  Sulochana Pandey, Ganesh  Pandey, Chetali Sonawane for making forged Board resolution of  G.M.S. Offshore Service Private Limited  to change signing authority at IDBI Dombivali west Branch. The accused 1-3 withdraw Rs57lac approx from account without consent of other 2 directors  Reeta Santosh Singh and Mukesh Kumar Gupteshwar Pandey. The Branch Manager IDBI Bank Dombivali west Vijay Kumar Jagganthan also made party in the crime. Complainants are approaching the Vishnu Nagar police Station Since last 18 Months but Sr PI RN Munagekar not registered FIR in cognizable offence. The Senior Inspector Munagekar has violated the Supreme Court guidelines in Lalita Kumari Case to register FIR in cognizable Offence. The complainant has requested court to direct police to prosecute police inspector under IPC 166 A. JMFC Court 3, Kalyan Case

Mumbai MCGM: Rs10 Thali For Public Servants Only Not For Poors

बाहरी लोग महंगी थाली ले या टिफ़िन खाये , टैक्स के पैसे से सेवक मजे करे।  Mumbai: Chief minister thali for Rs10 is started for poorest employees of Mumbai Municipal employees first. The visitors cannot use this scheme as they are in rich slab. Inspite to launch in open area it has been launched at BMC canteen to thanks office staff of MCGM.

Umaria:Why JMFC Magistrate Converted Real Incident Into Imaginary?

सत्य  दिनदहाड़े  घटना को मजिस्ट्रेट ने  काल्पनिक करार दिया,पुलिस के कथन की अनदेखी  की.  जनता  के विश्वास को गहरी चोट  , लापरवाह  अफसरों को राहत ! दिनदहाड़े सुप्रीम कोर्ट की अवमानना हो रही है  Umaria: JMFC Magistrate Shri Abhishek Kumar passed the order in CRPC 156(3) and converted real incident of death due to negligence into imaginary or media news incident. A 22 year male was died when high voltage electric wire fall down in main road khalesar on 26 Sept 2016 . This  report was published in news papers . The complainant Sapan Shrivastava from Thane and Neeraj from Umaria filed application before JMFC Magistrate Shri Abhishek Kumar Umaria to register FIR . The Complainant enclosed the reply of Police of CM Helpline that Devendra Gupta died due to high voltage wire fall in main road. The series of correspondence was also enclosed in the Criminal complaint under CRPC 156(3). The Complainant has also made SP and Town Inspector party under IPC 166A for neglecting FIR regis

इमरजेंसी में इंदिरा गाँधी ने भारत को Secular बनाया

NO PARLIAMENT CONSENT TAKEN TO  MAKE INDIA SECULAR इमरजेंसी के समय इंदिरा गांधी ने संविधान में पंथनिरपेक्ष और समाजवादी शब्द डलवाए। पहले पंथनिरपेक्ष  भारत  Secularism in the 42nd Amendment On June 26, 1975, prime minister Indira Gandhi announced on the All India Radio that “the president has proclaimed Emergency.” This she said was a necessary response to “the deep and widespread conspiracy which has been brewing ever since I began to introduce certain progressive measures of benefit to the common man and woman of India.” In the following two years, the prime minister was authorised to rule by decree. Elections were suspended and civil liberties curbed. Thousands were arrested under MISA- the Maintenance of Internal Security Act. Old and new political opponents of Mrs. Gandhi, student activists, trade unionists were put behind bars. Anti-poverty programs, slum demolition drives, and the forced sterilisation campaign were some of the most important measures carried ou

US and UK Supreme Court Decide Only 190 Case Per Year , India 1000 cases Per Week !

FACTS ABOUT JUDICIAL SYSTEM The US Supreme Court decides 130 cases a year. The House of Lords decides 60 cases a year. But the Indian Supreme Court decided 1000 cases per week…This shows that something is seriously wrong with the judicial system.                             Former CJI Venkatachaliah In 2017, 42% of judges in Karnataka lower courts were women. In 2018, 48% of Karnataka lower court judges were women. You see, High Court Judges are not commodities; you require 25-30 years of practise to be a High Court Judge. In that regard, there is proportional representation of women in High Courts. But in another 3-4 years, more than 50% of the Karnataka lower court judges will be women. Justice Raveendran    The  Supreme Court of the United States  is the highest judicial body in the country and leads the judicial branch of the federal government. It is often referred to by the acronym  SCOTUS . [1] The Supreme Court began hearing cases for the term on October 7, 2019

Police Complaint against Bombay High Court Staffs For Obstruction to Justice

Mumbai: Complaint against Bombay High Court clerks and officers has been registered by Petitioner Sapan Shrivastava for obstruction to justice before police. In Past on 5 Sept 2019 the Chief Justice Bombay High Court Shri Pradeep Nandrajog and Smt Bharti dangre passed order in PIL 159/2016 to pay penalty of Rs 5 Lac and banned filing of petition if penalty is not paid in 4 weeks. The court not included many important points in order inspite of many request. As per Supreme Court Order If points which are left by judges is not included in order then application can be filed to add points in order. Many advocates are using this provision to get order in favour of their clients. As the ban was related to filing petition but not for following existing petition,  the OS, Criminal and civil Department filing staff taken verbal instruction from their officers and denied to accept any affidavit, application etc in pending matters since Sept 2019. Petitioner registered complaint to CJ of BHC

Train:Expired fire extinguisher in Jabalpur Mumbai Garibrath

Expired Fire extinguisher found in Train Jabalpur Mumbai Garib rath dated 18 Jan 2020 at G7 coach. Extinguisher was expired in 22nd Dec 2019.

ONGC Uran Plant Fire: No Record of Fire NOC as per Maharashtra Fire Act

On 3rd Sept 2019 there was fire incident at ONGC Uran gas plan where 4 people lost life . When RTI was file to get copy of Fire NOC as per Section 3 of Maharahtra Fire prevention and life safety act 2006 then ONGC denied to reply. Now ONGC replied the issue but failed to provide copy of fire NOC. It is death due to negligance and FIR under IPC 304 A is demanded by complainant to Uran police.

Supreme Court: Gate Pass Rules are Violated and Denying Gate Passes To Party In Persons Inspite Of Provisions


FIR Against Builders For Not Giving Possession Of Flat InTime: Maharashtra Police

You can now file  FIR against  such unscrupulous  builders . According to a recent  circular  issued by  Maharashtra Police , the flat buyers who have been cheated by any reason as stated above can file a  police complaint against  their errant  builders . The circular said complaints include builders failing to hand over possession on time to buyers or developers who deliver apartments without procuring the mandatory building occupation certificate. It also mentioned builders who build beyond the sanctioned plans or those who build illegally. The circular also sought action against developers who accept 20% of the flat price but do not register the agreement or those who fail to form a housing society within the stipulated four months after handing over flats to buyers.

Railway ACT: Women And Children Cannot Be thrown From Reservation Coach At Night

ORDINARY TICKET PURCHASED WOMEN AND CHILDREN TRAVELLING ALONE CANNOT BE INSISTED TO LEAVE RESERVATION COMPARTMENT AFTER DAY TIME अकेले यात्रा कर रही महिला और बच्चों को रात में रेज़र्वेशन कोच से नहीं उतार सकते : रेलवे एक्ट  Section  139.  Power to remove persons.—Any person failing or refusing to pay the fare and the excess charge referred to in section 138 may be removed by any railway servant authorised in this behalf who may call to his aid any other person to effect such removal: Provided that nothing in this section shall be deemed to preclude a person removed from a carriage of a higher class from continuing his journey in a carriage of a class for which he holds a pass or ticket: Provided further that a woman or a child if unaccompanied by a male passenger, shall not be so removed except either at the station from where she or he commences her or his journey or at a junction or terminal station or station at the headquarters of a civil district and such removal shall be

Punishment For Railway Servant For Negligance In Duty: Jail upto 2 years

PUNISHMENT FOR CARELESS RAILWAY EMPLOYEE Railway Staff not following any rules ie Allowing Hawkers, Sitting More Passengers, absent from workplace ie sitting in AC , etc are negligance in duty and endangering life of bonafide passengers is punishable of Maximum 2 years imprisonment or penalty. The Railway Act 1989 175.  Endangering the safety of persons.—If any railway servant, when on duty, endangers the safety of any person— (a)  by disobeying any rule made under this Act; or (b)  by disobeying any instruction, direction or order under this Act or the rules made thereunder; or (c)  by any rash or negligent act or omission, he shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees, or with both.

You can knock the doors of Consumer Court if PIO denies information under RTI

Treating denial of information under Right to Information (RTI) Act can be termed ‘deficiency in service’ under the Consumer Protection Act, as payment of Rs10 fee makes you a client of the public authority, from whom you are seeking information. Thus, you can knock at the door of the Consumer Redressal Forum, like it has successfully been done by several RTI applicants and claimed compensation for denial of information. Mumbai based lawyer, activist and expert in housing and realty matters, Advocate Vinod Sampat, had filed a RTI application with the Public Information Officer (PIO) of the Sub-Registrar Office, Mumbai city, seeking information on names of officers handling documents, number of anti-corruption cases filed, a copy of a registration document and so on. The PIO, however, declined the information.   Mr Sampat experimented with an ingenious solution that worked well for him. He says, “Instead of appealing with the Appellate Authority, I decided to approach the Cons