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PUNE HOSPITALS: PIL at Bombay High Court For Fire NOC Violations

Mumbai: Public Interest Litigation has been filed for violation in Hospital and nursing home registration at Pune region. At PCMC only 18 Hospitals and NH have Fire NOC out of 444 and at PMC only 248 approx have Fire NOC out of 650 approx. The DHO Zilla  Parishad have more than 700 Hospitals and Nursing home (outside municipal region) have no information of Final Fire NOC.  As per section 3 of Maharahtra Fire prevention and Life safety measure act 2006 Schedule 1 every hospitals and NH have to take fire NOC . Important Points for Fire NOC out of 22 . 1. OC of Building with Change In Use. 2. Sprinkle, hose reel 3. Tank 5000 Ltr  + 4 Second Staircase  etc  Recently at Thane Municipal Region Bombay high Court ordered Shut down of all Hospitals and nursing homes operating without Fire NOC. At Thane only 37 is having Fire NOC in 2019 out of 388 approx. The TMC Fire department has sealed only 15 till date. Contempt petition is filed at Bombay High Court.  

Supreme Court Against Penalty and Cost to Petitioner Litigants , Important Citations...

(THE JUDGMENTS OF THE HON’BLE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA SPECIFICALLY RELIED UPON BY THE APPLICANT/PLAINTIFF)  PIL , WRIT PETITIONS ,SUITS SR. NO .          CITATION                                                   PARAS       1. Vinod Seth v Devinder Bajaj and another,                      16 and 23 (e)     2010 (7) SCR 424=2010 (8) SCC 1. 16. This case reminds us of the adage: "Hard cases make bad law". Black's Law Dictionary defines a `hard case' thus : "A law suit involving equities that tempt a judge to stretch or even disregard a principle of law at issue --- hence the expression "Hard cases make bad law". Justice Holmes explained and extended the adage thus : (See his dissenting opinion in Northern Securities Co. v. United States 193 (1903) US 197) : "Great cases, like hard cases make bad law. For great cases are called great, not by reason of their real importance in shaping the law of the future, but becau

Fake Caste Certificate: Central Railway Recommended Action Against Sanjay Gupta CCI, Kalamboli

Mumbai: As per RTI Reply received to Mr Ajay Bose Central railway has recommended Disciplinary action against top railway employee Sanjay Gupta CCI Kalamboli for charges of fake caste certificate. Earlier complaint was registered to DRM office then railway has conducted enquiry of his caste certificate from issuing authority. Now railway is going ahead to take action for submitting fake caste certificate against Sanjay Gupta. Submitting fake caste certificate is also criminal offence as per IPC 420, 409, 120B etc. It is having imprisonment of 10 years for breach of trust. Sanjay Gupta : Not available for his comment Ajay Bose: The complete information was not provided by Railway and the authorities as hand in gloves of accused .

RTI: Why SEBI Reducing Mutual Fund Charges Without Consumer Request?

LOW MUTUAL FUND SELLING COMMISSION HITTING MILLIONS OF AGENTS REVENUE.  70% AGENTS LEFT THIS BUSINESS DUE TO LOW COMMISSION. LACK OF UNITY IN AGENTS HITTING THERE INTEREST. Mumbai: SEBI is reducing mutual fund entry load since last 10 years so that investors will benefit from it. The real fact is that the agents are not getting revenue to survive in the mutual fund advisory business. Many times they are not getting travelling cost to get the business. The agents are getting only 0.50 % commission on each selling. The average purchase is Rs5000 to 7000 per consumer.  As per RTI reply the SEBI officers are reducing the charges without any request from investors or consumers. The SEBI is making policies against consumer interest and hitting the mutual fund business.  Final Status of   SEBIH/R/2019/50446 Applicant Name Sapan Shrivastava Date of receipt 15/06/2019 Request Filed With Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Head Office Text of Application Th

Mumbai Police CCTV Footage Guidelines : 30 Days Preserve


Mumbai:The Indian Bar Association registered complaint against Justice Akil Kureshi for violation of various supreme court order. The IBA claims that the judge is having lack of basic knowledge of law.IBA demanding contempt of court action against Justice Kureshi. As per news the Justice Akil Kureshi of Bombay High Court will be soon elevated as MP High Court Chief Justice.Some times the division bench of Justice Akil Kureshi and Justice Shahrukh Kathawala saying that "Don't challenge the power of division bench" during court hours.  CASE NO.BEFORE HON‟BLE PRESIDENT OF INDIA:- PRSEC/E/2019/14516 DOWNLOAD  :  COMPLAINT COPY  IMPORTANT POINTS IN COMPLAINTS 1. Direction for initiating disciplinary proceedings against Justice Akil Kureshi for bringing disrepute to the institution of Judiciary in conjunction with Adv. Yatin Oza in loathly deriding Hon‟ble Supreme Court Collegium members as impotent, in order to pressurize them to seek his elevation as Chief Ju

Atrocity Case To Register FIR Against Mumbra Police Station Officers At Thane Court

ALLEGATION AGAINST POLICE INSPECTOR CRIME FOR USING ABUSIVE LANGUAGE FOR SCHEDULE CASTE UNDER SC - ST ACT  Thane: Media Reporter Vinod R Chavan filed case at Atrocity court Thane to register FIR against Mr Ramchandra Valatkar, Inspector Crime of Mumbra Police Station Under Atrocity act 2003. As per complainant the Accused has registered fake FIR against him and harassing him . During investigation accused also used abusive language against his community BANJARA. As per complainant the accused also abused him as "MADARCHOD BANJARA". As per complainant it is crime as per section 3 of POA act 2003. Now the court will hear the matter to register FIR under CRPC 156 . Since 20th May 2019 police is denying to register FIR against Ramchandra Valatkar. As per POA act the FIR has to be registered and if there is any delay in FIR registration then Investigation Officer will also be prosecuted for this offence. DCP Swamy and Inspector Ramesh Dhumal are also co accused .

Women safety Nirbhik Pistol by Ordinance Factory Kanpur

कानपुर की ऑर्डनेंस फैक्टरी में तैयार निर्भीक 15  मीटर तक लक्ष्य भेद सकती है इसका वजन 500 ग्राम वजन और कीमत 1.20 लाख रुपए है कानपुर.  सात साल पहले दिल्ली में हुए देश के चर्चित निर्भया मामले के बाद कानपुर की ऑर्डनेंस फैक्टरी में महिलाओं के लिए रिवॉल्वर 'निर्भीक' बनाई जा रही है। अभी तक दिल्ली, उत्तर प्रदेश और हरियाणा में 2500 रिवॉल्वर बेची जा चुकी हैं। इसका वजन 500 ग्राम और कीमत 1.20 लाख रुपए है। फैक्टरी बोर्ड के एक प्रतिनिधि ने अंतरराष्ट्रीय पुलिस एक्सपो में रिवॉल्वर दिखाते हुए कहा- ‘‘निर्भीक को एक मजबूत और आसान आत्मरक्षा हथियार के रूप में लॉन्च किया गया है। इसे महिलाएं अपने पर्स में भी रख सकती हैं। लॉन्चिंग के पहले 5 साल में 2,500 से अधिक रिवॉल्वर बेची जा चुकी हैं।’’ ऑर्डिनेंस फैक्टरी के अधिकारियों ने कम वजन और रखरखाव में कम खर्च की खूबी को ही इस रिवॉल्वर की सफलता का मुख्य कारण बताया है। सामान्य रिवॉल्वर से इसकी कीमत ज्यादा अधिकारियों ने बताया कि कीमत ज्यादा होने के बावजूद इसकी बिक्री हो रही है। सामान्य रिवॉल्वर की कीमत जहां एक लाख रुपए है, वहीं निर्भीक की

Thane Commissioner:Denying High Court Order To Seal Hospitals & Become Chief Guest Of Doctors Function, Conflict Of Interest

कार्यवाही करने की जगह मेहमान बन गए ठाणे म्युनिसिपल कमिश्नर संजीव जायसवाल , हेल्थ मिनिस्टर ,पालक मंत्री सब मेडिकल Associations के खास मित्र।  बॉम्बे हाई कोर्ट के आदेश का मजाक बनाया जा रहा है , बिना FIRE NOC के हॉस्पिटल चल रहे है.  Mumbai: Bombay High Court passed order to seal the hospitals and nursing homes which are operating without Final Fire NOC on 18th April 2019. Till date only 15 has been sealed out of 388.Only 37 approx. got Fire NOC in 2019. The Thane Municipal commissioner Mr Sanjeev Jaiswal is attending Doctors Day conference as Guest Of Honours organised by Indian Medical Association by violating Bombay High Court order. The hand in the gloves officers are endangering life of patients in the interest of their well wishers . The same commissioner is demolishing poor man shelters as per court order but closing eyes for rich hospitals and nursing home. Is law not equal for all?

Omkar School Dombivli:High Court Suggest to Terminate CBSE Affiliation....

Omkar CBSE School: High Court In Favour To Withdraw Affiliation For Operating Other Board Schools in CBSE Campus  BOMBAY HIGH COURT ORDER FOR OMKAR SCHOOL DOMBIVLI THANE :  "To enforce the law, if there is defiance, recognition/affiliation shall be withdrawn."  PUNISHMENT FOR OPERATING OTHER BOARD SCHOOLS IN CBSE SCHOOL CAMPUS/PREMISES. 12 July 2019,Mumbai:  Bombay High Court heard the matter of Omkar CBSE School Dombivali East Thane about CBSE affiliation rules violation. High Court directed the CBSE to take strict action against respondent number 2 ie Omkar school for operating other boards schools ie ICSE and CIE in CBSE school premises .  In earlier hearing court given time to take action. When the matter heard on development of action by CBSE, the court was informed that CBSE issued notice to Omkar school and they replied to CBSE that the other board schools was opened as temporary arrangement. CBSE council Mihir Joshi informed the court that th

Mobile Tower at Namaha Hospital Kandivali : Risk to Patients

Mumbai: Inspite of various orders and guidelines the hospitals are endangering life of patients by installing mobile towers. The Namaha Hospital SV Road , Kandivali West has installed mobile tower in complex to get more money.MCGM officials are not penalising them for this violations. Guidelines for Installation of the Mobile Towers The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is in the process of finalizing tougher norms for radiation emitting from cell towers. India currently follows the  International Commission for Non Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNRIP) , a German independent body’s guidelines set for exposure to radiation. Mobile phone towers installed on top of buildings are a definite threat to human health. According to experts, radiation from mobile phones used for long durations is higher than those from mobile towers. The advantage of a telecom tower is that a single installed unit can be home to multiple telecom providers. Meanwhile, the same telecom t