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IRDA Using Private Vechile In Commercial Activity !

27 Nov 2013:Hyderabad IRDA has recently hired a vehicle for one of its senior official. This luxury vehicle costs around Rs.49,000 per month and the annual charge of insurance premium. This official has also served in senior most position of RTA, Andhra Pradesh& Tripura. Whiling hiring this vehicle, rules of RTA and IRDA have been violated. Its tender procedure is just eyewash. Following are the few violations for public notice:- Violation of rule of Govt offices:- As per the Govt rule a govt office can hire only a commercial vehicle but this vehicle is a personal one (SEE WHITE NUMBER ON VEHICLE PLATE IN PLACE OF YELLOW) .It is the violation of rule of the IRDA as well as the rule of RTA. Violation of regulatory provision of IRDA:- If a vehicle is being used for commercial purpose it has to be insured under the provision of commercial vehicle. Under this provision, cost of premium is more than what it is charged for personal vehicle. (Copy of Insurance Attached) Viol