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IIT Delhi Director Rangan Banerjee With Fake Unrecognise Board Certificate ICSE ....

  IIT DIRECTOR WITH UNRECOGNISE EDUCATION BOARD 10TH ICSE BOARD. Delhi: Complaint is registered at IIT Delhi , Ministry of Education that Rangan Banerjee has done schooling from Unrecognised ICSE board which has no recognition from Maharashtra , MP, Delhi , HRD  etc so he must be sacked with criminal action. The CISCE claim fake govt recognition since last 50 years and operating without the backing of law.The Documents was also enclosed as per RTI information then also grievance officer given clean chit that ICSE board is recognised  by Maharashtra govt. and act as abetter IPC 109.  Maharashtra School education department denied such recognition to ICSE/ISC  and no act or executive order is passed in favour of CISCE education boards (ICSE/ISC). Appeal will be filed as per PG Rules. CLICK: CISCE ICSE ISC Board Is Unrecognized Board By Maharashtra , Delhi , HRD , MP Etc.No Approval From Any State.... Grievance Status for registration number : DSEHE/E/2022/08265 Grievance Concerns To Name

जनेऊ के लाभ , Janeu-Upanayana improves Health

  *जनेऊ संस्कार* ------  Upanayana is a Hindu educational sacrament, one of the traditional saṃskāras or rites of passage that marked the acceptance of a student by a preceptor, such as a guru or acharya, and an individual's initiation into a school in Hinduism. नाम सुनते ही सबसे पहले जो चीज़ मन मे आती है वो है धागा दूसरी चीज है ब्राम्हण ।। जनेऊ का संबंध क्या सिर्फ ब्राम्हण से है , ये जनेऊ पहनाए क्यों है , क्या इसका कोई लाभ है, जनेऊ क्या ,क्यों ,कैसे आज आपका परिचय इससे ही करवाते है -- जनेऊ_को_उपवीत, यज्ञसूत्र, व्रतबन्ध, बलबन्ध, मोनीबन्ध और ब्रह्मसूत्र के नाम से भी जाना जाता है ।। सनातन धर्म में आप सभी को 16 संस्कार पता होंगे इनमें  से एक ‘उपनयन संस्कार’ के अंतर्गत ही जनेऊ पहनी जाती है जिसे ‘यज्ञोपवीतधारण करने वाले व्यक्ति को सभी नियमों का पालन करना अनिवार्य होता है। उपनयन का शाब्दिक अर्थ है "सन्निकट ले जाना" और उपनयन संस्कार का अर्थ है -- "ब्रह्म (ईश्वर) और ज्ञान के पास ले जाना" #हिन्दू_धर्म_में प्रत्येक हिन्दू का कर्तव्य है जनेऊ पहनना और उसके नियमों का पालन करना

Family Parties Of India, परिवारवादी पार्टियां!

  President of political parties in India: Congress - Sonia's son Now khadka NCP - Pawar's daughter RJD - Lalu's son SP - Mulayam's son Akali Dal - Badal's son TMC - Mamta's nephew  JDS - Deve Gowda's son BSP - Mayawati's nephew TRS - Chandrasekhar Rao's son TDP - Chandrababu Naidu's son Shiv Sena - Uddhav Thackeray's son National Conf - Farukh Abdullah's son YSRCP - Rajasekhara Reddy's son LJP - Ram Vilas Paswan's Son JMM - Shibu Soren's son BJD - Biju Patnaik's son PDP - Mufti's daughter RLD - Ajit Singh's son INLD - Chautala's son DMK - Stalin's son BJP - Any son of Bharat Mata. Which party has democracy? Do they worry about their children or our country? Still few Indians want Dynasty Rule, but claim to be democratic...🤔🤥🤥

Calcutta Railway Station in 1940


Thane Railway Station In 1940's


Kalyan Railway Station in 1945


Jhansi Railway Station Look in 1945


Eye Lens लगाकर सोने से गई एक आंख की रोशनी, Eye Sight Lost , Sleeping With Contact Lens

  What Happens If You Sleep With Contacts In? When you sleep with contacts in, your risk of an eye infection increases significantly. In serious cases, these infections can cause permanent corneal damage and vision loss. Bacterial Keratitis Bacterial keratitis   Trusted Source Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)As the nation’s health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health threats. View Source  , or a cornea inflamed due to bacterial infection, can cause a person to lose part or all of their vision if not properly treated. Contact lens wear increases your risk of this type of infection   Trusted Source National Library of Medicine, Biotech InformationThe National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health by providing access to biomedical and genomic information. View Source  , especially if you wear contacts overnight. Bacterial infections can be caused by more than one bacteria type, such as  Pseudomonas aeruginosa