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Congress CM Sheila's Delhi Luxurious Bungalow Had 31 ACs, 25 Heaters- RTI

NEW DELHI: Former Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit does not appear to have practiced what she preached. Puncturing her erstwhile government's campaign to 'save power' and use it frugally, Dikshit's official residence, 3 Motilal Nehru Marg, was fitted with no less than 31 air-conditioners, 15 desert coolers, 16 air-purifiers, 25 heaters and 12 geysers during her stay there as CM. Dikshit, who currently holds charge as Kerala governor, lived in a seven-room, type VIII, bungalow spread over 3.25 acres.  Dikshit, who currently holds charge as Kerala governor, lived in a seven-room, type VIII, bungalow spread over 3.25 acres. Besides two sprawling lawns, a courtyard and seven rooms, the bungalow has office space, staff quarters, garages and cabins for security personnel. In response to a RTI query by activist S C Agrawal, CPWD said that an expense of Rs 16.81 lakh was incurred on the electrical renovation of the bungalow to customize it according to the needs

Poor Quality Fan Regulator Logix Lighting Products In Market!

Poor Quality Fan Regulator In Market Logix  Lighting by DN Technologies claims that their products are passed from Govt. testing lab but it fail in daily usage after the expiry of warranty period. The Fan Regulator 1M  is the guaranteed product in market  about Rs100-125 cost in range, with 1 year guarantee . Dealers ready to replace within 1 years of service but after 1 year their is no care taker. Even Logix also not interest to re-test the cause of failure.At Mumbai Suburban region there is no voltage fluctuation then also logix regulator fails after the 1 year period. A customer purchased regulator of 1 M series but just after 1 year it got defected. Customer checked the testing reports of the product. The testing was done at MSME testing centre, Govt. Of India dated June 2012. But later it was not checked till 2014 . The testing report says that " Sample is submitted for test",means it may have not collected from market or any lot of factory. Due to this applic

AAM AADMI Party Kalyan Oppose Vithalwadi ST Depot Shifting

Maharashtra  Govt. planned to shift vithawadi ST depot is   foiled by Local resident and Aam  Aadmi Party  Kalyan Unit .  More that 50 ST depot was planned by Maharashtra govt to  shift   to outskirt of town area and sell the precious land to builder lobby.  Local resident people   united and fight against such anti people order .After tough opposition Maharashtra   Govt.  reverse the such order. AAP Member Dr. Raju Ram ,Kalyan and his team met officers at  Mantralaya and opposed the decision .  Press Note विठ्ठलवाडी एस.टी.डेपो बंदच्या निर्णय रद्द करण्यात आला. हा विजय कोना एका पक्षचा नसून कल्यानकरी जनते चा आहे. यात आम आदमी पक्षला डावलून चालणार नाही कारन आप गेली अनेक दिवसापासून या विषयावर सक्रिय काम करत होते. अगर राजकीय श्रेयच घ्यायचे असेल तर आम आदमी पक्षला डावलून चालणार नाही . डॉ राजू आसकरण राम, श्री. सुनिल शेलार, गिरजकांत उपाध्याय,रविन्द्र सोनार, निलेश व्याव्हारे यांनी या विषयावर पाठपुरावा केला. या  मध्ये आपचा सिव्हाचा वाटा आहे. पहिल दिवस -: 28/6/2014 संध्