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MP CM HelpLine Superhit Against Corruption, But RTI Is Failed

अफसर परेशान जनता को राहत।  गलत लिखने पर नौकरी जानने का खतरा।  समय पर जाँच करने पर बाध्य।   गले की हड्डी बना CM Helpline..  भ्रष्टाचार पर हमले का अचूक हथियार .....  Bhopal: The Shivraj Singh Govt has hit corruption by launching CM Helpline or 181 Complaint number. But this BJP ruling state failed in RTI reply. The officers still not following time limit reply in RTI, but CM helpline is hitting corruption in large platform. By registering complaint at CM Helpline Madhya pradesh the Complainant satisfaction is important . If complainant hit NO option then complaint automatically get transferred to high level. There are four levels in CM helpline ie L1 to L4. At L3 and L4 issue becomes exposed and high level investigation get started. Due to such pressure local officers has to act in public interest.  Other States should also follow same software to curb corruption at lower level. MP Chief minister Helpline toll free number : CM Help Line-Citizen   Tele Sa

Kayastha Selected In 2017 UPSC - IAS List of 2017

FEW KAYASTHA SLECTED IN 2017 EXAMS IN TOP 100 आज 990 चयनित IAS की सूची में निम्नलिखित कायस्थ अन्तिम तौर पर चयनित हुए हैं। बधाई... 1-श्री आयुष सिन्हा           - रैंक 07 2-श्री अभिनीत सिन्हा        - रैंक 19 3-श्री अमोल श्रीवास्तव.     - रैंक 83 4-श्री वैभव श्रीवास्तव.       - रैंक 98 5-श्री विदेह खरे                - रैंक 99

Corruption In Jabalpur Excise Transfer Policy, Class 1 officers Fixed Rate For Posting!

आबकारी विभाग में ट्रांफर नियम का उल्हंघन हो रहा है, शिकायत जबरदस्ती बंद कर देते है।  सभी  दुकान illegal भवन पर खुली है ! फ्री में नेता अफसरो को दारू की घूस ! LOWER STAFF LESS OR NEVER TRANSFER AT JABALPUR MP EXCISE DEPARTMENT. COLLECTING BRIBE FROM ILLEGAL BUSINESS OF FOREIGN LIQUOR SHOP, SUPPLYING FREE LIQUORS TO FEW POLITICAL LEADERS AND OFFICERS OF ALL DEPARTMENTS ON DEMAND JABALPUR: Corruption is in peak at MP State excise against ruling party official dialogue . CM is giving commitment to reduce corruption but excise officers are engage in irregularities and encouraging corruption. Complaints of corruptions are closed down without legal advise from legal department . Life of citizens are in danger because officers are having nexus with mafias. As per transfer policy every sensitive staff to be transferred in 3 years but many employees in Jabalpur excise are staying in same location/district since last 7-15 years. They have got nexus with mafias and involve in ill