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MP High Court: Fire NOC Mandatory For Hospitals and Nursing Homes

As per  Madhya Pradesh  High Court Order Fire NOC and building OC is mandatory for Hospitals and Nursing homes Madhya Pradesh High Court Anjali Anand vs Medical Education Department on 19 January, 2018 THE HIGH COURT OF MADHYA PRADESH WP-20605-2017 (ANJALI ANAND Vs MEDICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT) 4 Indore, Dated : 19-01-2018 Ms. Shanno Khan, counsel for the petitioner. Shri Sudarshan Joshi, counsel for the respondent/State. Heard on I.A.No.17570/2017 which is an application filed by the petitioner seeking a direction to the respondents to file the Fire NOC, AERB approval, Biomedical waste certificate which may have been obtained from the concerned authorities in respect of M.Y.Hospital, Indore. Learned counsel appearing for the petitioner referring to Annx.P/5 which is said to be NABH and Fire Safety Guidelines has submitted that in terms thereof it is mandatory for all the hospitals to obtain NOC from the concerned F

Advocate Complaints: Huge Number Of Pending Cases At Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa

70% CASES PENDING OF LAST 5 YEARS  Mumbai: Complaints against advocates are pending in huge numbers at Bar council of Maharashtra and Goa. Due to the charges of complaint Rs1500 Approx and complicated procedure 90% complainant failed to lodge complaints at bar council Mumbai. The notaries are not ready to entertain complaints against advocates and few notaries charge ₹1500 to do notary. At many cases advocates violates bar council regulation and cheating clients. So clients are filing complaints inspite of expensive complaint mechanism of Bar council. Being a public authority it's objectives is to protect the interest of errant advocates! Due to  foul practice of few advocates many honest lawyers are facing heat of clients.

Glass Pieces Found In Babies Diaper, Bleeding Started

दो साल की बच्ची को अचानक होने लगी ब्लीडिंग, डायपर देखते ही मां के उड़ गए होश आज के दौर में सावधानी हर व्यक्ति का पहला अहम काम होना चाहिए वरना दुर्घटना किसी भी वक्त और किसी के भी साथ घट सकती है। स्कॉटलैंड की रहने वाली एक महिला की दो साल की बच्ची के साथ जो हुआ उसे सुनकर दुनिया के हर मां बाप की रूह कांप जाएगी। लेकिन इस जानकारी के बाद आप सजग जरूर हो जाएंगे। स्कॉटलैंड की रहने वाली एक महिला कि उसकी दो साल की बेटी को अचानक ब्लीडिंग होने लगी जिसे देखकर महिला एकदम घबरा गयी। पहले तो उसे समझ ही नहीं आया की ये कैसे हो गया। महिला का नाम शेर्लोट डाउनी है।घबराई हुई मां के अनुसार सुपरमार्केट ब्रांड लिटिल एंजल्स की डायपर के अंदर कांच का टुकड़ा मिला। जो बेहद भयावह था क्योंकि अगर महिला ने सही समय पर जांच न की होती तो इसकी वजह से बच्ची के साथ कुछ भी हो सकता था।महिला के अनुसार वो इसी कंपनी का डायपर अपनी बच्ची के लिए खरीदती हैं। जब तक बेटी को उस नुकीले शीशे से चोट नहीं लगी और वो रोने लगी, तब तक वह इस बात से बिलकुल अनजान थीं की डायपर में ऐसी भी कोई चीज हो सकती थी।स्कॉटलैंड के डनफ्रेमलाइन की 27 वर्षीय शा

Maharashtra ; Delay In Decision and Discharge Duty Have Punishment

PREVENTION OF DELAY IN DISCHARGE OF OFFICIAL DUTIES ACT, 2005 (21 of 2006) [12th May, 2006] (Amended upto 13 of 2007) An Act to provide for regulation of transfers of Government Servants and prevention of delay in discharge of official duties. WHEREAS, both Houses of the State Legislature were not in session; AND WHEREAS, the Governor of Maharashtra was satisfied that circumstances existed which rendered it necessary for him to take immediate action for the purposes hereinafter appearing; and, therefore, promulgated the Maharashtra Government Servants Regulation of Transfer sand Prevention of Delay in Discharge of Official Duties Ordinance, 2003 on the 25th August 2003; AND WHEREAS it is expedient to replace the said Ordinance by an Act of the State Legislature with certain amendments; it is hereby enacted in the Fifty-sixth Year of the Republic of India as follows:- CHAPTER I PRELIMINARY 1. Short title, commencement and application .- (1) Thi

Ceat : Irregularities In CSR Fund Expenditure!

CEAT :  NOT PROVIDING DETAILS OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES FUND BENEFICIARIES , CLAIMING THOUSANDS OF BENEFICIARIES, NO LOCAL AUTHORITY CERTIFICATE PUBLISHED,NOT REPLYING TO PUBLIC सेवा के नाम पर करोड़ो की लूट MUMBAI: Ceat Ltd is claiming the social expense from CSR  fund but not providing the beneficiaries of their projects . The CSR Management Committee . The Complainant has registered complaint with  CSR Department of Ministry of corporate affairs but they never acted. Later Complaint has been filed at Economic Offence wing Of Mumbai Police. Corporate Social Responsibility The Board of Directors has formed a committee on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013. The Committee consists of following members: Mr. Anant Vardhan Goenka (Managing Director) Mr. Hari L. Mundra (Non-Executive Non-Independent Director) and Mr. Vinay Bansal (Non-Executive Independent Director) Page 27 FY 2017-2018 Annual