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SEBI Vigilance Asha Shetty Not Acting On Complaint Against SEBI Staff Corruption-RTI

शिकायत  दबा देती है  विजिलेंस  A Complaint was registered to SEBI vigilance officer Ms Asha Shetty , GM about issuing observation without listening complaints of investors in ICICI Prudential Life IPO. The observation team issued observation and silently approved IPO without making objections in irregularities. Since Sept to January she did not called the complainant. When Complainant called her then she said she is in no need to call complainant. In ordinary complaint also officer call complainant and listen his grievances, but as vigilance officer she neglected the process. Complainant fears that In SEBI corrupt officers have silent permission from top guards. Top officials may also benefited from corruption. Due to this they bar citizens to enter in public premises without appointment. Final Status of   SEBIH/R/2017/80003 Applicant Name Sapan Shrivastava Date of receipt 06/01/2017 Request Filed With Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Head Office Text o

Why SEBI Hiding BSE IPO Observation Details In RTI?

जनता को चूना लगाने की तैयारी में SEBI और BSE इंडिया ! सेबी पर जनता का विश्वास घटा।  Mumbai : SEBI is not Sharing observation given on Bombay Stock Exchange public offer In Dec 2016. As per RTI reply the said observation was ammended in RHP and Corrected version is filed at ROC. They are unwilling to provide basic BSE IPO observation copy to investors. The BSE officials also denied to provide such copy due to compliance issue. Applicant has doubt that BSE has not cleared all the observation objection as per law and launched RHP without clearing observation.  These are the divisions of SEBI which clear IPO.  Division of Issues and Listing-1 (DIL-1) Shri   Biranchi   NarayanSahoo , GM 26449250 Division of Issues and Listing-2 (DIL-2) Shri   Pradeep   Ramakrishnan , DGM 26449246 Division of Issues and Listing-3 (DIL-3) Shri   Narendra   Rawat , DGM 26449383 Shri Biranchi Naray

SCAM: SEBI hiding IPO Observation due to irregularities In Clearence

COMPANIES NOT CLEARING SEBI  IPO OBSERVATIONS AND SEBI OFFICIAL  KEEP   SILENT Mumbai:   SEBI officials hiding the observation givens on various companies in past to protect their  collar. After getting exposed in ICICI Prudential Life observation issue now they   do not want to share vital information in public interest to public.As ICICI Prudential Life Merchant bankers did not cleared the observation objection and launched IPO without SEBI final observation in past. In SEBI  Observation teams is of  CGM Jayanta Jash and ED PK Nagpal ( Chief General Manager, Shri. Jayanta Jash ( or the Executive Director, Shri P K Nagpal ( As the aforesaid link clearly reflect the SEBI observation is mandatory as per law ,but they deny to share observation copy of different companies. SEBI deny of "NO COMPLAINT CERTIFICATE" in RT

ARMY Soldiers Buying Medals From Shops, Delay in supply of Original Medal

MEDAL MANUFACTURING CAUSE 10-15 YEARS DELAY IN INDIAN ARMY. LACK OF COORDINATION TO DELIVER MEDAL ON TIME. सैनिकों को मेडल पहुंचाने में होती है देरी, दुकानों से मेडल खरीदने को मजबूर मेडल पाना किसी भी सैनिक के लिए गौरव की बात होती है। लेकिन कई बहादुर सैनिकों को मेडल का हकदार होने के बावजूद दुकानों से रेप्लिका मेडल खरीदना पड़ रहा है। वजह, आर्मी ऑरिजनल मेडल पहुंचाने में सालों लगा देती है। ये रेप्लिका मेडल हैदराबाद, सिकंदराबाद के मेहदीपटनम और गोलकोंडा में खरीदे जा सकते हैं। इन्हें 'टेलर कॉपी' कहा जाता है जो लाल बाजार के रेजिमेंटल मार्केट में 40-180 रुपये में मिलते हैं। रक्षा मंत्रालय के मुताबिक नॉन-गैलेंट्री अवॉर्ड्स को डिलिवर करने में 10 साल तक की देरी हो जाती है। हमारे सहयोगी अखबार द टाइम्स ऑफ इंडिया की छानबीन के मुताबिक मेडल्स और बैजेस के साथ पूरी यूनिफॉर्म खरीदने के लिए कम से कम 2,500 रुपये खर्च करने पड़ते हैं। गैलेंट्री अवॉर्ड्स (वीरता पुरस्कार) के अलावा बाकी सभी मेडल्स खरीदे-बेचे जाते हैं। चूंकि वीरता मेडल पर इसे पाने वाले सैनिक का नाम और आर्मी नंबर लिखा होता है इसलि

IRDA Has No Guideline To Sell Policy Via Website 2007-2016- RTI

NO GUIDELINES/ REGULATION TO SELL ONLINE  POLICY  TILL 2016. ONLINE POLICY SALE IS ILLEGAL-  RTI REPLY MEANS Many insurance companies are selling policies via web portal . They are giving discounted premium via online purchase and customer can buy without agent. As per law no policies should be sell without IRDAI licenced agent or any. But many insurance companies selling policies policies with agent via online . The RTI reply reflect that IRDAI have no regulation to sell policies via online. Since  2006 Final Status of   IRDAI/R/2017/50027 Applicant Name Sapan Shrivastava Date of receipt 17/01/2017 Request Filed With Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India Text of Application Many Life Insurance companies are selling policies by website ie by online. There is no agent, intermediaries or any IRDAI licensed person required.Only Company and customer interact with each other via insurance company portal and buy any plan. RTI Question Information a

Reliance Jio Effect: Other Operators Huge Revenue Hit

Telecom Operators Reducing Man Force Due To Huge Revenue Hit, Many Searching Job In Other Sectors Mumbai: Cellular  Operator across India are facing huge financial loss due to reliance Jeo free offer. HNI prepaid customers shifted their load to Jeo and just using other sim for incoming.A HNI customer of vodafone Mr Manoj Pandey said he was earlier doing recharging Rs700-800 but after JIO he is not using Vodafone as regular service. Like that, other HNI customer shifted their use to Jio. A top Airtel Manager said that due to Jio, revenue is also decreased and now days revenue generation is also less. Volume is shifted to Jio and many companies managers are searching jobs in different sectors. They are very much afraid that Jio may extend free offer after March 2017 also. Customers are also angry that mobile operators unitedly increased charges for internet in past 2years and customers was blackmailed due to no other option. Now customers are enjoying freebies of JIO .

Idea Incoming Roaming Free In Few Days, Porting Offer Free Roaming

                    Mumbai: Idea is offering incoming roaming free offer to each Idea Customer if they send porting request from any prepaid number. They call back customer and ask for porting reason . If the reason is incoming free in roaming then they give 180 days free roaming offer to customer. As per call center Idea is also doing roaming free within few days or by 2 months. This is in process like Vodafone. Any time company can make such announcement. Porting request can be sent  PORT_98********** send it to 1900 . Later they will call you. Try this for all prepaid mobile operator.


The  Ministry of Human Resource Development , formerly  Ministry of Education  (until 25 September 1985), is responsible for the development of human resources in  India . The Ministry is divided into two departments: the Department of School Education and Literacy, which deals with primary, secondary and higher secondary education, adult education  and  literacy , and the  Department of Higher Education , which deals with university education, technical education, scholarship etc. The erstwhile Ministry of Education now functions under these two departments, as of 26 September 1985. The Ministry is headed by the cabinet-ranked  Minister of Human Resources Development , a member of the  Council of Ministers . The current HRD minister is  Prakash Javadekar . [1] Final Status of   DOSEL/R/2016/81020 Applicant Name SK Shrivastava Date of receipt 02/12/2016 Request Filed With Department of School Education and Literacy, M/o Human Resource Development Text of Applicatio

Mumbai: Diva Station Ticket Sales But No Information about Fast Train Stoppage Order-RTI

IS FAST TRAINS ARE HALTING DIVA ILLEGALLY OR  DUE   TO THREAT OF VIOLENCE BY DIVA CITIZENS? DRM OFFICE CENTRAL RAILWAY MUMBAI Final Status of   DRMOM/R/2016/50034 Applicant Name Neeta Shrivastava Date of receipt 28/11/2016 Request Filed With DRM Office, Central Railway, Mumbai Text of Application Central Railway is giving fast train to Diva station.Information about stoppage policy of fast EMU trains RTI Question 1. Copy of policy/guidelines to stop fast EMU train 2. Minutes of meeting copy to stop double fast trains at Diva Station with enclosures . 3. Amount of ticket sales at Diva, Mumbra, Kalva ,Thakurli station (April 2012- Nov 2016) yearwise. Request document  (if any) Status REQUEST FORWARDED TO CPIO  as on 02/12/2016 Date of Action 02/12/2016 Remarks Details of CPIO :-  Telephone Number:- 22620921, Email Id:- Note :- You are advised to contact the above mentioned officer for further details.