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Cross Bread Animal Borned In Mexico A cross bread animal of zebra  and donkey is borned in mexico zoo . TAMAULIPAS, MÉXICO –  A rare and unusual cross-breed made its debut at a zoo in Mexico.It's a zonkey, a cross between a zebra and a donkey.The animal, named Khumba, was born at the Reynosa Zoo on April 21 and there was a little romance involved. WTVY reports Khumba's mother, a female zebra named Rayas, and his father, a blue-eyed albino donkey named Ignacio, used to visit each every afternoon. Eventually, Rayas became pregnant.Reynosa is the largest city of the northeastern state of Tamaulipas.The zoo says the specimen is extra rare because zebra and donkey chromosomes were not thought to be compatible.Though rare, Khumba is not the first zonkey. Ippo, a zonkey born in Italy, became a huge sensation -- and tourist attraction -- when he was born in Florence last year. Ippo was spawned after his dad, a zebra, jumped over a fence into an enclosure housing donkeys.The mi

Amrita Hospital Shifting From Umaria To Shahdol

Only Private Hospital Of Umaria Shifting In May 2014 Amrita Hospital , Umaria (MP) Branded private hospital of Umaria city of Madhya pradesh is now shifting to Shahdol district. The Amrita hospital established in 2006 got popular in nearby districts shahdol, anupur,katni for better treatment in few year. It is the only modern hospital for laproscopy operations in this coal belt. For wide expansion Dr. VINAMRA JAIN and Dr. ANUPAMA JAIN planned multilevel hospital for heart,children etc at Shahdol. Amrita Hospital was named in the memory of the mother of Dr. VINAMRA JAIN and wife of Dr. VINAY JAIN .Dr. Smt. AMRITA JAIN was only lady doctor in 1990's at Umaria city. Now due to lack of private hospital in Umaria, people will face huge trouble. Govt. Hospital of Umaria is miss managed and poor peoples are not getting better treatment. Dr. MP Tiwari, CMO umaria facing corruption allegation from local citizens for miss management. New Amrita Hospital Shahdol

New EMU Train Is Used For Garbage Transportation By Central Railway At Kalyan Station

Central Railway Misusing Western Railway Brand New EMU Rack  The central Railway Using Western Railway Brand New  EMU  Rack  at Mumbai for Garbage collection. A western Railway  EMU is parked at Kalyan Station under Mumbai Division between platform no. 3-4 loop track. This track is used for parking for EMU in night. The new EMU rack is parked in this extra track at Kalyan Main Platform. The Concrete construction waste material are filled in this Brand new rack . Some gates of coaches are closed because there is no space for additional garbage. Some gates are still open for filling additional garbage. Mumbai citizens are waiting for additional rack for more trains but central railway is using these multi - crores cost  of new EMU rack for garbage filling . It is standing their from March 2014 and local hawkers says that it is being using for garbage clearance . The public money is wasted for useless job by Central railway. Everyday many railway employees are watching this w

Meera Sanyal Neglecting Support To Expose ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Scam !

Bhagat Singh- Gandhiji Conversation! Aam Aadmi Party Candidate Meera Sanyal a leading Banker got ticket from colaba constituency Mumbai. As She is leading financial experts so she is knowing all the micro level irregularties in financial sector. A social activist called his cell to discuss the issue that ICICI Prudential Life is selling Insurance policies without approval certificate of IRDA. ICICI Prudential also denied to show the approval certificate of any policy to the activist in writing.  Being a member of honest party social activist Sapan Shrivastava called her on cell but she didn’t picked the phone. On request she forwarded the email id to send details. Sapan Shrivastava send the details of ICICI Pru and requested for her kind support. She never replied and she never picked his phone. Many times activist called him to speak but she disconnected his call. She also never called back . Then AAP member and social activist made complaint to Maharashtra convenor Anjal

Central Railway Not Have Alcohol Tester For Passengers-RTI

Central Railway Solapur-Nagpur Division Not Have Any Alcohol Testing Machine In Indian Railway millions of passenger travel in reserved class. Few passengers have liquor drinking habit and this cause trouble to normal passengers. Many passengers drink liquor by mixing it in soft drink and nobody take objection to drink soft drink in public place. After drinking alcoholic liquid these passenger misbehave other passengers but RPF is unable to help innocent passengers. In an RTI reply from Central Railway RPF confirmed that Solapur and Nagpur Division have no alcoholic tester machine using which man can be detected as alcoholic . The traffic police use this equipment to avoid accident and fine them but central railway is not serious in this precaution.  

Sonia Gandhi Moved Money From Vatican Bank !

Dr Subramanian Swamy- Sonia Transferred  $10  Billion From Vatican Bank  Sonia Gandhi withdrew and transferred $10 billion from Vatican Bank numbered account after the new Pope declared that account owners must disclose their name. - Dr. Subramanian Swamy. Reuters reported  that Vatican regulators had flagged suspicious transactions being made from the diplomatic accounts held at the Vatican bank by several high-risk countries, including Iran. Officials say that those accounts are now being investigated and that new procedures — standard among major international banks — are being put in place to ensure that more information is collected on clients and on large transactions. Technically, only organizations and individuals related to the Catholic Church or Vatican City can maintain accounts at the bank, but officials are now uncovering accounts that either should have been closed or never opened. Thus far, officials say, reviews have produced at least six instances o

Pharmacist Recruitment Irregularities MP Umaria Not Investigated By CMO MP Tiwari

फार्माशिष्ट भर्ती की अनियमितता की जांच नहीं हो रही। आरटीआई द्वारा नहीं दी जा रही जानकारी. District Hospital Umaria Umaria : मुख्य चिकित्सा और स्वास्थ्य अधिकारी कार्यालय में किसी भी प्रकार से आरटीआई की जानकारी पाना दुर्लभ हो गया है।विभाग के फर्जीवाडे के किसी भी जानकारी के लिए लगाई जानकारी का केाई भी जबाब विभाग द्वारा नहीं दिया जाता है। यदि कोई जबाब भी मिलता है,तो उसमें गोल मोल उत्तर दिया जाता है।आरटीआई कार्यकर्ता ने वर्ष 2009 और 2010 के साथ 2013-14 में क्रमशः मलेरिया और फार्मासिष्ट में भर्ती किये गये कर्मचारियों की सूची एवं भर्ती नियमावली की मांग की गई थी,जिसके बारे में विभाग की ओर से कोई जबाब नहीं दिया जा रहा है।कार्यकर्ता ने इसके साथ ही फार्मासिष्ट भर्ती सितम्बर 2013 में की गई थी जिसमें चयनित कर्मचारियों की प्रमाणित अंकसूची की मांग की गई थी,जिसे भी विभाग के द्वारा प्रदत नहीं किया जा रहा है।इस सम्बन्ध में Commissioner Shahdol Shri DP Ahirwar  ने जांच के निर्देश जारी किये हैं,उस पर विभाग कोई कार्यवाही नहीं कर रहा है।आरटीआई कार्यकर्ता ने आरोप लगाया कि इस फार्माशिष्ट भर्ती में

Mahatma Gandhi Adopted Feroze Khan For Indira Marriage & Gave "Gandhi" Surname

Mahatma Gandhi Given His Surname To Indra as "Gandhi" Nehru-Khan-Gandhi Dynasty : Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister of modern India, and he ruled the country from 1947 to 1964.  He was born on 14th November 1889, to Motilal and Swarup Rani Nehru.  The family belonged to a Kashmiri Brahmin tribe called ‘ Pandit.’   Indira Gandhi, daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, became prime minister of India in 1966. Mrs. Gandhi was born on November 19, 1917 to Jawaharlal and Kamala Nehru.  She was named Indira Priyadarshini Nehru. She fell in love and decided to marry Feroze Khan, a family friend. Feroze Khan’s father, Nawab Khan, was a Muslim, and mother was a Persian Muslim.  Jawaharlal Nehru did not approve of the inter-caste marriage for political reasons (see society/indiragandhi.cfm ).  If Indira Nehru were to marry a Muslim she would loose the possibility of becoming the heir to the future Nehru dynasty.  At this juncture, a

Riyadh Have Maximum Female Prisioners

Muslim Woman Prisoners In Saudi Arabia is Maximum At Riyadh Riyadh has the highest number of Saudi female prisoners and detainees, said Abdullah Al-Harbi, spokesman for the General Directorate of Prisons (GDP).Female Saudi prisoners account for six percent of the total number of female prisoners, up one percent, he said.Around half of female prisoners in Riyadh and Jeddah were sent to jail for immoral conduct, according to a study.The study also showed that the majority of prisoners went back to committing crimes after being released the first time. There were 312 Saudi female prisoners in 2008, compared with almost 3,000 expat prisoners during the same period.Most criminals were in the 20 to 40 age bracket.“There haven’t been many fights on our facilities,” said Al-Harbi. “There were arguments and disagreements, but they were quickly resolved by wardens.”“Most riots are instigated by inmates of African descent,” said Col. Ayoub Nahait, GPD spokesman. “The rumor that expat

पता चल गया, शरीर में आत्मा आखिर कहां रहती है

पता चल गया, शरीर में आत्मा आखिर कहां रहती है तो मृत्यु जैसा अनुभव होता है मृत्यु को बहुत करीब से महसूस करने वाले लोगों के अनुभव सुनकर विज्ञान फिलहाल इस नतीजे पर पहुंचा है कि आत्मा या जीवन का केंद्र मस्तिष्क के उस स्थान पर है रहता है जहां योग की भाषा में सहस्रार चक्र है। यह चक्र सिर में उस जगह बताया जाता है, जहां लोग चोटी या शिखा रखते हैं। इस अध्ययन के मुताबिक तंत्रिका प्रणाली से जब आत्मा का आभास कराने वाला क्वांटम पदार्थ कम होने लगता है तो मृत्यु जैसा अनुभव होता है। दूसरे जन्म के लिए ब्रह्मांड में लीन हो जाती है शास्त्रीय मान्यता के अऩुसार भी आत्मा मूलतः मस्तिष्क में निवास करती है। मृत्यु के बाद यहां से निकलकर दूसरे जन्म के लिए ब्रह्मांड में लीन हो जाती है, जैसे भीड़ में खो गई हो। एरिजोना विश्वविद्यालय में एनेस्थिसियोलॉजी और मनोविज्ञान विभाग के प्रोफेसर एमरेटस और वहीं रिसर्च विभाग निदेशक डॉ. स्टुवर्ट हेमेराफ के मुताबिक आत्मा के केंद्र का यह निष्कर्ष उस क्वांटम सिद्धांत की भी पुष्टि करता है, जो ब्रिटिश मनोविज्ञानी सर रोजर पेनरोस ने निरूपित किया है। कोश

First Woman Bra Invented In USA

When Was the First Bra Invented? The first modern brassiere to receive a patent was the one invented in 1913 by a New York socialite named Mary Phelps Jacob.1 Additional Answer A bra is an undergarment worn by women to support their breasts. The first modern bra to receive a patent was the one invented in 1913 by a New York socialite named Mary Phelps Jacob. 1907: It's All in the Name American Vogue uses the word "brassiere" for the first time. A few years later, in 1911, it appears in the Oxford English Dictionary.1914: Hand Me a Hanky Mary Phelps Jacob, a New York City socialite, receives a patent for inventing the modern bra. She used two handkerchiefs and a pink ribbon to create the "Backless Brassiere." Although not the first design, it was definitely the first to be widely used. She eventually sold the patent to the Warner Brothers Corset Company. 1918: The Decline of the Corset Surprisingly, World War I contributed to the decline of corset-u

Mysterous light beams from Mars Surface In NASA Photo, April 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Alien In Mars Planet With Torch! An artificial light source was seen this week in this NASA photo which shows light shining upward from...the ground. This light was discovered by Streetcap1 of Youtube. This could indicate there is intelligent life below the ground and they use light as we do. This is not a glare from the sun, nor is it an artifact of the photo process. Look closely at the bottom of the light. It has a very flat surface giving us 100% indiction that it is from the surface. Sure NASA could go and investigate it, but hey, they are not on Mars to discovery life, but there to stall its discovery. SCW नासा हमेशा ही इस बात पर नजर रखता है कि पृथ्वी के अलावा कौन सी ऐसी जगहें हैं जहां पर जीवन संभव हो सकता है। इस मामले में मंगल ग्रह का नाम सबसे आगे आता है। वहां मिले बर्फ के हिस्से इस बात का संकेत देते हैं कि वहां पानी है। अब एक नए खुलासे ने लोगों को इस बात पर और भी यकीन करने का मौका दिया है कि वहां कुछ तो है जिससे जीवन संभव है। नासा ने मंगल गृह पर क्योरिसिटी र

US Court Cleared Murder Charge After 25 Years Prison

Man Cleared Of NYC Murder After 25 Years In  Prison NEW YORK, N.Y. -  Jonathan Fleming, a man who spent almost a quarter-century behind bars for murder, was freed in New York City on Tuesday and cleared of a killing that happened when he was 1,100 miles away on a Disney World vacation. Fleming, 51, was in tears as he hugged his lawyers and family in a Brooklyn courtroom. Relatives said, "Thank you, God!" after he was freed. "After 25 years, come hug your mother," Patricia Fleming told her son, and he did. Defense attorneys and prosecutors asked a Brooklyn judge to dismiss Fleming's conviction in the 1989 shooting. A key eyewitness recanted, new witnesses have implicated someone else and a review by prosecutors turned up a hotel receipt putting Fleming in Florida hours before the killing, defense lawyers Anthony Mayol and Taylor Koss said. "I feel wonderful," Fleming said outside court. "I've always had faith. I knew that this

Poor Maps Of Ocean Floor

Malaysia Airlines MH370: Searching in an ocean of uncertainty The map is about 1,750km across. Ocean Shield's detection have been made at about 20 degrees South MH 370 mystery Costs of the search .Recovery hope boost Searchers hear signals . What we know,The search for MH370 has illustrated once again just how poor are our maps of the ocean floor.Scientists aren't joking when they say we know better the shape of Mars than we know the hard surface of the Earth.The oceans are vast and only a small fraction of the seafloor has so far been described in detail.Look at the map at the top of this page. It shows the topography of the Indian Ocean bottom, west of Australia.The star marks the rough location where the search vessel ADV Ocean Shield has been working this week, making encouraging pinger detection that could be the black boxes of MH370.It's on the northern edge of a small oceanic plateau, sometimes called Wallaby Plateau or Zenith Plateau.The geological inter

Central Railway Officer Sunil Udasi Used Abusive Language In GM Office Mumbai

  Sr. ADGM Sunil Udasi Central Railway Mumbai Used Abusive Language Against  Reporter And RTI Activist Central railway officer Mr Sunil Udasi, Sr. ADGM facing charges of using abusive language for a reporter and RTI activist. On 4th April 2014  activist visited his office and gave him his introduction as reporter. Sunil Udasi directed him to meet PRO because he was from Press. Reporter told him in hindi language that "Aree Sirji hume press..." , by listing "Aree" hindi word Sunil Udasi started shouting and used abusive language against RTI activist and reporter. He called RPF to throw him out of his cabin. Later RPF allowed the activist and reporter to go without any action.  In his complaint to General Manager, Central Railway Mumbai activist claimed that Sunil Udasi used very low level abusive word against him for using "Aree" hindi word. Now he is waiting for disciplinary inquiry by GM Office.   sunil udasi central railway misbehave s

Mutual Fund Sales In The Name of SEBI Approval In India Is False...

  Mutual Fund Schemes Are Not Approved By SEBI - RTI In India there are more than 40 Mutual fund companies are running hundreds of schemes with Rs 8 Lac cr. AUM. Customers assume that all these schemes are properly monitored and verified by government regulator SEBI. So there is no chance of collapse of any Mutual fund scheme. Many people incurred loss in many schemes and remain calm that it may be due to market fluctuation. India RTI News exposes this multi billion SEBI scam in the name of SEBI approved schemes to cheat millions of customers in India. When a Customer asked HDFC Mutual fund to show approval certificate of all the mutual fund schemes  then HDFC Mutual denied it due to compliance issue. Then Customer filed RTI application at SEBI to provide him the copy of approval certificate of top Mutual fund schemes. In RTI reply SEBI said that " SEBI neither approve nor certify any Mutual Fund Schemes" signed by Dr Anil Kumar Sharma, CGM, SEBI . A

Mouth Wash can cause Cancer,BP, Heart Attack.......

Mouthwash Can Increase  Risk Of Throat Cancer,Blood Pressure,Heart Attack..... A health alert linking the over-use of mouthwash with cancer was issued by medical experts last night. The “elevated risk” emerged from Europe-wide research into the popular and high-selling breath-freshening product. Study leader Dr David Conway, from the University of Glasgow, warned: “We have found that using mouthwash excessively – three or more times a day – raises the  risk of cancer  . “I know that some people who regularly smoke or drink alcohol use mouthwash to hide the smell. "I would advise against any excessive use of it.” He went on: “There are some occasions and conditions for which a dentist could prescribe a mouthwash. “It could be that a patient has a low salivary flow because of a particular condition or medicine they are taking. “But unless a dentist has prescribed a mouthwash, personally I think all you need for good oral health is regular brushing with a fluo

Indian Media Controlled By Churches!

Media Is not Independent In India We assume that Indian media companies are ethical and providing neutral news in favor of Nation . But they are not displaying the mindset of people but also creating mindset by doing negative and pro industrialist ,politician news in their medium.Some times they also charge for not to show the specific news and to show specific news full day. They also divert important topics in the interest of politicians  There’s a horrible email doing the rounds regarding the Indian media. As far as I can tell, it  originated on an article site  much like a blog, so I have no idea who first came up with it. It’s irrelevant. The important point is that it’s been picked up by all sorts of people to validate their theories on the Indian media and even  I  have received it as an email forward – from my mother, who’s a trusting sort of soul and tends to believe things she receives in emails. Now this doesn’t mean that the Indian media is a pure white entity