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Rajanadgaon: अवैध दुकानों को Shop License बाँट रहे है अधिकारी

 ना  occupation certificate ना  फायर NOC  फिर भी पैसे लेकर जारी कर रहे है दुकान का licences .  राजनांदगाव: म्युनिसिपल अधिकारी Shri Ashok Choubey बिना OCCUPATION  CERTIFICATE  देखे दुकानों को ESTABLISHMENT  लाइसेंस धडल्ले से जारी कर रहे है. यह सेक्शन १९१ म्युनिसिपल एक्ट का उल्हंघन है. किसी के भी पास NBC के तहत फायर लाइसेंस या NOC नहीं होता.  ऐसी धोखादायक दुकाने आये दिन दुर्घटना की शिकार होती है.  गैरजिम्मेदाराना काम करने पर IPC  166A और 218 के तहत मामला दर्ज़ हो सकता है. शिकायत करने पर अभी तक commissioner ने कोई जवाब  दिया.  पत्र का विवरण पत्र क्रमांक - 799921016873 दिनांक - 21-01-2021 श्रेणी - Web द्वारा प्राप्त शिकायतें आवेदक का नाम - Sk Shrivastava INDIA RTI NEWS आवेदक का पता - D 102 Natraj Darshan , Ganesh Nagar Chowk ,Thane 421202 आवेदक का जिला - विषय - To Municipal Commissioner, Rajnandgaon. Dear Sir, The Shop license team of rajnandgaon municipal is issuing license without occupation certificate and fire NOC as per NBC rules. Take action against officers else we will file criminal

सिर्फ आराम है DLSA UMARIA मे? Legal Aid Irregularities Exposed In RTI

NO PUBLICITY DONE BY DISTRICT LEGAL AID SECRETARY UMARIA FOR LEGAL AWARNESS AND LEGAL AID COURT  कोई प्रचार प्रसार नही किया PLA Court के बारे में , जिसके कारण लोग जनहित याचिका लगाने दूर जाते है जबकि समाधान जिले में ही है। NO LEGAL AWARNESS SEMINAR AT COLLEGES AND OTHER LOCATIONS. PLV को ही नहीं पता की DLSA क्या - क्या कर सकती है सभी नियुक्त DLSA secretary सिर्फ आराम करते नजर आते है।  विभाग को पता ही नहीं की DLSA SECRETARY की DUTY RESPONSIBILITY क्या है? हर हफ्ते लगने वाली PERMANENT LOK ADALAT के पास केस नही आते क्योंकि कही बोर्ड ही नहीं लगाते ना स्कूल,बैंक,  बिजली विभाग, कलेक्टर ऑफिस में बोर्ड लगाया। सिर्फ केस नही आने का रोना रोते है विधि सहायता केंद्र वाले। जनता के टैक्स से हर महीने करीब  4 -5 LACS खर्च होता है , और सेवा ज़ीरो! HUGE FAILURE OF NALSA AND MP STATE LEGAL SERVICE AUTHORITY  

Mumbai: Contempt Petition Filed Against ADDITIONAL CMM Esplande at Bombay High Court

  ACTION SOUGHT AGAINST ADDL. CMM ESPLANADE COURT (MUMBAI) ‘SAYALI DANDE’ IN PETITION Mumbai: In a shocking incident, Ld. Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate of Esplanade Court (Mumbai) ‘SAYALI DANDE’ passed an order allowing an application for taking over of House Property of Sudeep Kumar Moitra under SARFAESI Act by ICICI Bank, basis forged loan documents and supressing criminal cases pending against ICICI Bank and their officials in respect of the very same house property. On finding the criminalities by ICICI Bank Officials, Sudeep Moitra filed an application U/s 340 of Cr PC i.e. perjury against ICICI Bank officials and their Advocate RL Motwani, signatory to the relevant documents. During the course of proceedings RL Motwani denied to have signed the application, thus apparently a criminal conspiracy was hatched to introduce forged application in court records, loaded of false statements and to take over assets of the borrower – which given the conduct of ICICI Bank’s Ex-CEO Cha

Rajnandgaon : Collector - SDM पर Contempt Of Court का केस दायर, SDM ने केस दाखिल करने से रोका

 SDM DENIED TO ISSUE CASE NUMBER TO PETITIONER VEERENDRA ABHISHEK  SDM को इंग्लिश नहीं आती इसलिए हिंदी में याचिका दायर करने को कहा और केस नंबर नहीं दिया  राजनांदगाव : याचिकाकर्ता वीरेंदर अभिषेक ने SDM कोर्ट में crpc 133 का nuisance का केस दायर किया था। SDM MUKESH RAWTE ने याचिकाकर्ता को हिंदी में अर्ज़ी देने को कहा। याचिकाकर्ता ने कहा ऐसा कोई नियम नहीं है की इंग्लिश में petition न ली जाये। SDM ने बेतुके कारण बता कर केस नंबर देने से इंकार कर दिया। कलेक्टर TOPESHWAR VERMA को इसकी शिकायत कई बार की गयी पर उन्होंने कुर्सी के नशे में Rule of Law को नजरअंदाज किया। संविधान में कलेक्टर और SDM कोर्ट QUASI JUDICIAL BODY है। किसी को केस नंबर नहीं देना OBSTRUCTION TO JUSTICE है जो की contempt कानून में आता है। कल district Judge के पास petition दायर हुई और जज साहब ने सुनवाई की तिथि दी जिसमे बहस होगी। याचिकाकर्ता वीरेंदर अभिषेक केस नंबर देने की मांग न पूरी होने पर कंटेम्प्ट डालनेपर विवश हुए।  Section 2(c) in the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 (c) “criminal contempt” means the publication (whether by wor


  BANKING FRAUD BY BANKS IN SENIOR CITIZEN SAVING SCHEME (SCSS) DEPOSIT. Banks are looting our hard earned money. Senior citizens invest in SCSS for better interest (always 0.7% higher than PPF) and safety as it is guaranteed by the Goverment of India. However, fraud starts when the deposit holder dies and nominee/legal heir is forced to close the deposit by the law. Banks treat such closure as premature closure of deposits and refund the money after deducting penalty. This deduction is the fraud and most accept this deduction as genuine deduction as they lack the knowledge or they don't have time to follow up with authorities. Income Tax website clearly mentions rules governing SCSS deposit. Sub section 5 of rule 8 clearly states that no penalty deduction shall apply in case the deposit holder dies.The original gazette notification for this SCSS scheme is 490 (E). Some one has just experienced this fraudulent deduction from BANK OF INDIA KANDIVALI (W) station branch, Mumbai. He fo

ICICI BANK Done Settlement With Employee For Illegal Transfer with Rs 28.34 Lacs

  * ICICI Bank settles case with SEBI for ₹28.4 lakh (₹28,40,625)* *📜Case -* _alleged failure against victimisation of the whistle-blower_ *📑Decision Taken* High Powered Advisory Committee in its meeting held on 30.12.2020 considered the revised settlement terms proposed and recommended the case for settlement.  *✒️💡Case Facts* 1. The case pertains to a complaint filed by an ex-employee of the bank Samir Kumar Das on January 8, 2019, on the SCORES platform.  2. Das raised issues that he was victimised by the private sector lender in contravention of the whistle-blower mechanism's provisions. 3. Das's contention is that ICICI's rights are limited to transferring an employee only to a group company and not to ICICI Foundation. 4. The bank offered him to join SMEAG (Small Medium Enterprise And Agri Group) on November 13, 2018, to which he expressed reservations to join considering that they were officials against whom he had blown the whistle.  5. The bank did not accept, t

MP: ILLEGAL COLONY बसाने पर 3-7 साल तक की जेल हो सकती है।

  Madhya Pradesh Municipal Act में FIR हो सकती है। 339C. Punishment for illegal colonization.  - (1) A colonizer who, in contravention of the provisions of Section 172 of the Madhya Pradesh Land Revenue Code, 1959 (No. 20 of 1959) and the rules made thereunder, diverts the land or part thereof, commits an offence of illegal diversion of land. (2) A colonizer who divides his lands into plots or the land of any other person with the object of establishing a colony in breach of the requirements contemplated in this Act or the rules made in this behalf, commits an offence of illegal colonization. [(3) Whoever commits or abets the commission of an offence of illegal diversion or illegal colonization shall be punished with imprisonment of not less than three years and not more than seven years or with minimum fine of ten thousand rupees or with both. Such offence shall be a cognizable offence.] (4) Whoever constructs a building in an area of illegal diversion or illegal colonization commits

Umaria :MP PWD-PIU Made Illegal District Court Building, No Permission From Municipal Authorities....

पुरानी BUILDING  को तोड़कर नई ADR बिल्डींग बना दिया बिना नगरपालिका की मंजूरी के.  निर्माण के बाद मंजूरी लेने गए.  नाज़िर ने कब्ज़ा ले भी लिया.    पूरे जिले में भवन बिना मंजूरी के बना डाले PIU ने  Umaria, MP-PIU a construction division of MP - PWD made a legal Aid Building (ADR )at Umaria District Court Premises with Rs 76Lac Approx cost at Madhya Pradesh . No Permission from Local Municipal Authority taken and No Fire Compliance done as per NBC . As per PIU tender department they have no provision of Occupancy certificate and Fire NOC in tender format. The PIU Divisonal Engineer Mr AK Kori has no reason that why he has not taken permission from town planning authority. The Umaria Main court building was also constructed in 2014 with Rs 6.5 Cr approx cost. Till date the PWD authority failed to produce Occupancy certificate and Fire NOC of Main Court Building . Surprise is that MP High Court admininstrative authorities has taken charge of such structure. The PWD Officials claimed that main