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ITC Limited IPO Shares Listed Without Government Permission In 1970


Mumbai: As per SEBI RTI reply they have no information about ITC Limited Share listing approval from Govt of India or SEBI . As per BSE site the ITC was listed on 22 Dec 1970. As per section 3 of Capital issue controller act 1947 controller permission is mandatory for investor safety to list any issue . The ITC management did not taken permission from Ministry of Finance and listed IPO at BSE . As per Section 15 HA of SEBI act 1992 it is offence and SEBI can penalize 3 times of profit till date. The matter was raised to SCORES but SEBI failed to take action as matter is very old. Company also not responded when complaint was raised on 6 July 2023 at investors grievance email id. Compliance officer Shri Rajan Singhi denied any such allegation and suggested to sell shares if the investor is not satisfied with violation of rule of law. 

Registration Number :SEBIE/WB23/0000660/1
Name of Complainant :Sapan Shrivastava
Current Status :Case disposed of
Case Resolved by :Dealing Office
Status Date :06/07/2023
Date of Receipt :06/07/2023
Remarks :ITC Limited was listed on 22.12.1970. Firstly, the complainant has not made any specific allegation against the Company, due to which the investor has suffered. The complaint is only about non availability of RHP in the SEBI public issue column. Secondly, the complaint is made for an event, i.e. listing of shares of ITC which is more than three years old at the time of lodging of complaint. Therefore, as per SCORES FAQ 5, the cause of complaint being more than three years older, the investor may directly take up the complaint with the entity concerned or may approach appropriate court of law.
You have desired for review of your complaint.The status of review is as under:

Current Status :Case disposed of
Case Resolved by :Regional/Divisional Office
Status Date :13/07/2023
Date of Receipt :07/07/2023
Remarks :The shares of the company are listed on Stock exchange much before the formation of SEBI, therefore you would not find any RHP on SEBI public issue column.
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Complaint Details
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Complaint Details

Registration Number :SEBIE/WB23/0000660/1
Name :Sapan Shrivastava
Address :D 102 Natraj Darshan
 :Ganesh Nagar Chowk Dombivali West Thane 421202
City/Location :Thane
Pincode :421202
State :Maharashtra

Phone No :9702859636
Mobile No :9702859636
Email Address
Date of Receipt :06/07/2023
Nature of Complaint :Others
Category Assigned :Prelisting/Offer Document (Shares)
Complaint Against :ITC Ltd
Complaint Details :ITC Company not providing SEBI consent copy for ITC share listing at BSE and NSE. As per rule of law and section 17 A of Securities contract act 1956 SEBI compliance is mandatory to list shares . No such information of RHP is available in SEBI public issue column. Kindly check listing documents and take action as per the provisions of law and SEBI act .


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