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Complaint Filed Against NCLT New Delhi Member Sh. Ch. Mohd. Tariq By Adv. Nicky Pokar (President Women’s Wing Indian Bar Association)



In a recent incident Ld. NCLT New Delhi Member Sh. Ch. Mohd. Tariq during a Virtual Hearing started humiliating a litigant, disparagingly addressing by his family name. Adv. Nicky Pokar (President Women’s Wing Indian Bar Association) who attempted to protest was rudely shut down, prompting her to lodge a complaint with the Hon’ble President of India, the judge Sh. Tariq was sought for his explanation. In his reply loaded of falsities to his supervising official Hon’ble Acting President of NCLT, to threaten Adv. Nicky Pokar & Sh. Partha Sarathy Sarkar and to scuttle proceedings against him shares the reply to Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa & to Insolvency And Bankruptcy Board of India, scandalising Adv. Nicky Pokar and the litigant Sh. Partha Sarathy Sarkar. But in his spree of nastiness, he annexed photo-copies of documents which could have been obtained by stealing them from the office of NCLT & illegally photocopying them

Unfortunately, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Board of India ‘IBBI’ headed by an ex-lawyer of considerable repute - Sh. MS Sahoo and his qualified legal team slipped where even a law intern would not have done so, apparently in not even seeking permission from NCLT to use their internal communication and documents stolen and illegally photocopied to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Sh. Partha Sarathy Sarkar, a Registered Insolvency Professional with ‘IBBI’ and in harassing him with defamatory allegations. Sh. Partha Sarathy Sarkar through RTI obtained the documents (which in places was defaced and disfigured by IBBI Officials, inferably prompted out of some ulterior motives) and shockingly found, that it was not the opposing litigant who was the complainant, but it was Sh. Tariq - the NCLT judge who stepped himself into the shoes of the opposite litigant and started canvassing for him, inferably he must be ‘the beneficial owner’ for the claim of the litigant before him. Sh. Tariq in his canvassing for the litigant went into such absurd overdrive prompting one to believe that Sh. Tariq might be suffering serious mental imbalance of hallucination alleging and defaming all and sundry, stooping himself to bluffs to silence persons complaining against him – unprecedented in the judicial history.  

Given the gross criminalities and abuse of power by a judge and senior public officials, besides the manner Sh. Tariq, Sh. MS Sahoo & other IBBI Officials acted in contempt of Judicial Rulings by Hon’ble Supreme Court & High Courts, various Advocates and office bearers of Bar Associations expressed their dismay and concern as to how the rule of law and majesty of Court is brought to disrepute; prompting Adv. Nicky Pokar to file a complaint with the Hon’ble President of India in seeking strict disciplinary & criminal proceedings against the Judge Sh. Tariq (given his bizarre conduct, including his mental health check-up too), Sh. MS Sahoo (Chairperson, IBBI) & other IBBI Officials who apparently conspired to commit multiple offences including framing of incorrect document to save the real offenders from the clutches of law and to cause misuse of lawful authority by public officials to massacre justice.



  1. These false allegations has snatched a gem from Indian Judiciary.

  2. How it is known, that the allegations were true ir false Would you share evidences in possession of you, would greatly help the investigation of the charges


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