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Criminal Complaint Against Bombay High Court Justice DS Naidu Registered At Magistrate Court Esplanade Mumbai

Mumbai : On 30th August 2019, Criminal Complaint against Justice DS Naidu of Bombay High Court was registered in Magistrate Court, Esplanade, Mumbai, for defaming, insulting and intimidating Advocate Nilesh Ojha during Court Proceedings. At the time of filing of the criminal complaint around 200 lawyers across Maharashtra were present with the advocate on record Nicky Pokar to express their solidarity with Advocate Nilesh Ojha, President Indian Bar Association.




  1. Adv. Ramesh Sawant2 September 2019 at 00:10

    Lol! Nilesh Ojha is a fool. And well known as such amongst the few that know his name due to his ridiculous behaviour. It is impossible that 200 lawyers supported him. Logically if that was true, it would have been front page news and on live TV. I doubt anyone other than some other fools like Nedumpara would have accompanied him.

  2. Sawant sir. I do not know you but you are absolutely right. This group Ojha, Nedumpara etc. Are useless publicity seekers who should be banned by the courts. Their Sanads revoked (if they even have one). The AAWI and BBA are completely against them. And infact even appeared against Ojha in contempt proceedings against him. Thus all lawyers are against them. And are the laughing stock of every single chamber that I have ever brought their names up in. Judges of the HC should throw them in jail. They are dangerous they ruin the reputation of the judiciary, the bar, and worst of all cheat poor clients by taking their money, creating a big show in court of ZERO legal consequence without arguing any law, and thus they have a 0% success rate. But the poor clients think "see how hard my lawyer fought for me", when infact their lawyer did not do anything for them. And lost their case.

    1. On what basis this defamatory allegations are made is not known, so for the benefit of judiciary, request to submit required proofs, however it is a matter of record, advocates from BBA and AAWI appeared for Nilesh Ojha. May i request which part of complaint is incorrect, you need to mention, hope thats fair

  3. Mr. Sharma and Sawant comments are too apparent of motivated, Nilesh Ojha has disturbed the jagirdari of the Dalals of bombay high court.. The comments of Sharma and Sawant are manifest of frustration

  4. FakeNewsDestroyer19992 September 2019 at 15:13

    I am pretty sure that these comments left by "unknown" have been left by Mr. Ojha himself. I doubt anyone else has time to waste defending this person. Actually I don't know why Mr. Sawant and Mr. Sharma are also wasting their time on this person. I am a law student in Bangalore (so I have time to waste), and my father is a senior counsel in Mumbai. I has a word with him about this and he laughed and said the same things Mr. Sawant and Mr. Sharma have said above.

    Based on what he told me I googled "bombay bar association vs nilesh ojha" and found several websites and even the High Court website showing the Order. Where it clearly shows that Bombay Bar Association (BBA) and Advocates Association of Western India (AAWI) filed the contempt petition against Mr. Ojha. In fact both the bar asssociations filed contempt against Ojha and even appeared against him. For those who don't know every lawyer practicing in the Bombay High Court is a member of one of these two bar associations.

    Additionally even the Advocate General has sanctioned the contempt against Mr. Ojha.

    Thus it is clear that Mr.Ojha is lying in the comments above by claiming "advocates from BBA and AAWI appeared for Nilesh Ojha". I request everyone who reads this to simply Google - "bombay bar association vs nilesh ojha"

    1. Bye the way I am not Nilesh ojha...I am adv. partho sarkar, for your childish comments, I will otherwise reply.. request you to disclose your identity

  5. Ha ha
    You don't know basic fact
    Adv Nilesh Ojha filed application for compensation from BBA n AAWI

    BBA n AAWi have not taken the dates
    since last 2 yearss

    It's sufficient to prove ur credentials

  6. FakeNewsDestroyer19992 September 2019 at 17:22

    Firstly the reason no dates have been taken is because it is a full bench Order, and judges from the bench have retired, so a new bench has to be constituted, which will take up the court's valuable time. And honestly nobody wants to waste their time (judges and senior advocates) trying to send Mr. Ojha to jail. Even though I disagree with them. I think that they should constitute a bench and send Mr. Ojha to jail. Even if ti wastes time. Will send a good signal to trouble makers such as Mr. Ojha, Nedumpara, and others who cheat clients and ruin the reputation of the profession.

    Secondly It is clear from your comment that you are admitting that BBA and AAWI have filed the contempt petition against you (Mr. Ojha). Thus you are admitting that your earlier statement that "advocates from BBA and AAWI appeared for Nilesh Ojha" is admittedly a lie.

    Thirdly, so what if you have filed an application for compensation? (I don't know whether or not you have, you may very well be lying as usual) anyone can file any rubbish application, that is your right. Whether you succeed in it or not is yet to be seen. In any case you have also not moved the said application. So why aren't you moving it? why aren't you taking a date in your alleged application?

    Fourthly in the said contempt petition you are appearing in person, it is clear that NO LAWYER wants to appear for you, so don't talk rubbish. Every single lawyer except for Nedumpara and maybe 1-2 other people are against you. It is a well known fact. You are trying to get cheap publicity by publicizing your nonsensical complaint against one of the best judges in the Bombay High Court.

  7. Me. Fake news buster, I am not Nilesh Ojha.. I am Adv Partho Sarkar, would appreciate if you disclose your identity and provide specifics of what is wrong with the complaint against Justice DS Naidu, on any point of law... let me respect you as an honest person

  8. We are one team and Judiciary should not become a cricket match ultimately a wrong message will spread among the litigants

  9. Man made law can be challenged but divine law cannot

  10. Adv. Dhyaneshwar Suparna4 September 2019 at 15:44

    Partho I suggest you leave this chamber and join a better chamber. There is still hope for you. Don't get involved in this nonsense group. It is not good to cheat and misguide so many clients. Plus if you continue down this stupid road you might end up in jail or a mental institution. Do better things than arguing with law students online.

    When it comes to what Mr. Sawant has said and what the law student has said I have to agree. You / Ojha lied blatantly when you said "At the time of filing of the criminal complaint around 200 lawyers across Maharashtra were present with the advocate on record Nicky Pokar to express their solidarity with Advocate Nilesh Ojha, President Indian Bar Association." Mr.Sawant is right when he says that if that were true all the major media houses would have covered the story. Whereas there is 0 coverage of the said complaint. And also you lied when you said "advocates from BBA and AAWI appeared for Nilesh Ojha". I googled "bombay bar association vs nilesh ojha" on the request of the law student. And it is clear that all the lawyers in Mumbai are against Ojha. Since all the lawyers in the High COurt of Bombay are members of one of the two bar associations BBA and AAWI, who have filed the contempt against Ojha.

  11. Bootlickers will always be bootlickers. I have read the complaint filed and it makes sense. Stop being chamchas most of u will never become judge or senior counsel no matter how much u lick others shoes. This man Ojha has dared to call a spade a spade and as fellow advocate its shameful u ridicule him. Lawyers should support each other and stay united. Most advocates are gutless save a few. Kudos to Ojha and all who fight for Advocates dignity

  12. Adv.Dhyaneshwar Suparna, address me with appropriate salutations, hopefully you need to be given a lesson on etiquettes, how to address professional colleagues. ... Honestly you aren't fit enough even to deserve a repartee...i leave it at that

  13. Adv.Dhyaneshwar Suparna, address me with appropriate salutations, hopefully you need to be given a lesson on etiquettes, how to address professional colleagues. ... Honestly you aren't fit enough even to deserve a repartee...i leave it at that/- adv partho sarkar

  14. No body should cross his limit and discharge duty as per job assign. Not to be personal else such litigation happens.

  15. Actually I'm very happy a lawyer stood up for once

  16. Pl do the complete homework and check before any comments Mr. Sawant and Sharma....have you personally gone thru the complaint copy just have a look at it and don't behave like amateurs at this point of time, advocates should see objectively, in case if Mr. Nilesh Ojha has stated anything wrong in the complaint, the competent court will decide accordingly...

  17. FakeNewsDestroyer19999 September 2019 at 20:10

    Ojha, Partho, and Nedumpara have too much time to fight with other lawyers and leave several comments as "anonymous". And unlike you deranged lunatics I will in fact easily become a Senior or High Court Judge (I don't want to be a judge), or even both if I want. Why don't you idiots focus on trying to stay lucid, stop cheating poor innocent clients, and stop lying that 200 advocates were present to show support, and also stop lying that BBA and AAWI support you, when literally they filed a contempt complaint against you, and all lawyers in bombay are against you morons.

    In fact I googled Nilesh Ojha and watched some of his alleged "youtube interviews", which he has only paid for and uploaded himself. He sounds so god damn stupid. Honestly I can't even believe he has a sanad. Actually I am going to file a complaint against his with the Bar Council saying that he does not have a sanad.

    In fact I am going to organise a Fake News Destroyer club in which all of us students are going to leave all negative online comments exposing the truth against you 3 on every single online forum where you have uploaded your own content, such as YouTube or this website. That is the only way to stop you deranged psychopaths running loose on the world.

  18. Mr or Ms. Fake.. your elitist lawyers club sponsors, the euphemistic Royal Wellingdon clubbists are indeed unnerved... You're welcome to carry forward your initiative, only address your seniors, Mr. Mathew, Mr. Ojha and myself with your appropriate salutations, lest it reflects your upbringing...

  19. Dear Fake news destroyer your posts really amuses, concentrate on your Pogo Channel attempts, anyways I see you as an excellent case of form over substance.
    Please go ahead with your plans.
    God bless you.

  20. Hey Fake News Destroyer, your coward sponsors the self proclaimed dalal's of Bombay High Court, more often than not found in the corridors of Royal Wellingdon Club, acting as middle men of money bags, have they forsaken you...we are waiting for your online onslaught against respected advocates- Ojha saab, Nedumpera saab, Partho saab... Bye the way i found a suggestion for you in the string of comments to watch Pogo Channel, i think that might go too heavy for you, start with Cartoon Network in the company of the self proclaimed dalal's of bombay high court, bye the way your aspiration for becoming senior counsel is as probable of growing palm tree in the palm of the dalal's..better start respecting seniors, don't get too Gassified by the Dalal's...

  21. Advocate Nilesh Ojha, it has been exposed of the self styled self advertising dalals of corrupt judges are worse threat to the nation, than the kashmiri hurriyat leaders who instigate the school going stone pelters to attack the Indian army, themselves enjoying in luxury, similarly these self proclaimed dalals of judges will not dare to post a single comment, but will do shadow boxing through their juniors.

  22. Completely agree, advocate nilesh ojha, advocate ghanshyam upadhaya, advocate subhash jha, advocate partho sarkar, advocate ishwarlal agrawal, advocate vijay kurle, advocate shailesh narnawre, advocate gedam, advocate nizam, advocate jairam yadav and scores of others, are stead fast in their attempt to crusade against the boot lickers and self styled dalals of justice. Salute to them.

  23. Mihir Dhananjay Parekh12 September 2019 at 23:33

    I is not having horse in game. And not on side. But I is finiding too clever kids of these days. How fake news destroy is taking pants off publicity seekers off the court. too good. publicity seekers are not able to anser even 1 allegation or point made by kid. But are doing personal attack. Kid is doing personal attack also but will full intelligence and evidence. Ojha, Partho, Nedumbara stuck with pants down. funny how kid can do these days. when I was kid I can't do. These days kids very intelligent.

  24. Mihir Parekh seems to be another mouth piece of the Dalal group. Whenever any serious issue is raised, the dalal's mouthpieces gets hyperactive to divert attention from the prime issue. Nonetheless the dalal's be made known, that Hon. Supreme court has outright rejected the contention of BBA, and discharged Adv. Mathews Nedumpera vide order dated 2nd September, 2019. Bye the way Mr. Parekh do note, that during the hearing of Contempt Proceedings before 5 judge 500 lawyers were present, and that to didn't appear in the media. Anyways Mihir Parekh, I was present when more than two hundred lawyers were present, provide your number next time you will be invited to attend the next proceedings, hopefully like your masters you won't chicken out. Truly yours, Advocate Abhishek Mishra

  25. Omg so much lies as person usual. I will deal with the lies below. But want to clarify a few things. Firstly it is clear that this comment is left by Nedumpara himself pretending to be some other advocate. As can be seen by the way "by" has been spelt as "bye" in this and previous comments. Secondly it is clear that I was referring to the contempt petitions filed against Ojha by BBA and AAWI, not Nedumpara. But will deal with the complaint against Nedumpara too. (Just one though. There are like a million or something to deal with. Honestly Nedumpara should have been sent to jail like his retarded bestie Karnan. In fact the funniest thing is Karnan denied ever engaging Nedumpara. Nedumpara was just trying to get publicity by pretending to be Karnan's lawyer! This will obviously be denied by the retard Nedumpara so I urge all readers to google the same and discover it for themselves. Anyway I will deal pointwise below:

    1. The following sentence is total bullshit "Hon. Supreme court has outright rejected the contention of BBA, and discharged Adv. Mathews Nedumpera vide order dated 2nd September, 2019" infact I urge all readers to google "nedumpara supreme Court" and they will see that Nedumpara was found guilty. But like the gutless pussy cat that he is, he apologized and gave an affidavit undertaking to be a good little boy, to the judges. and they suspended his jail sentence. But he is barred from practicing in the Supreme Court. Just google "Nedumpara Supreme Court" and read for yourselves. Don't listen to all the bullshit that Nedumpara is bound to comment after this comment.

    2. 500 laywers were certainly present during Ojha's contempt. However they were their AGAINST Ojha not in support of him. Don't talk shit. Everyone knows that those lawyers were present on behalf of BBA and AAWI they wanted to see Ojha in jail. Additionally the said contempt was very widely covered in the media so stop lying.

    3. If you think the "dalals" i.e. senior counsel are not commenting here because they are "scared of you" I need some of the drugs you are smoking. Because it is excellent quality hallucinogenic shit. Any same person would know that the seniors are not commenting for the following reasons:
    (a) they don't care / don't know about the existence of this retard group. So Why TF would they waste their time commenting of this shit.
    (b)This is a random blog on which people pay to write their own stories why TF would anyone other than retards like Nedumpara and Ojha and me too (but atleast I'm only a student) bother visiting this blog in the first place?
    (c) assuming by some miracle some senior does know / care about the existence of Nedumpara and Ojha and also visits this blog, they are way too busy unlike you jobless people, to actually sit and leave a comment.

    4. Why TF are you calling every lawyer that opposes you a "Dalal"? Do you literally think every lawyer in the HC is involved in bribing judges? Do you also think that you are so widely powerful that these lawyers are so scared of you that they have found this random ass self promoted / self written article on a random ass blog on the internet and are now attempting to destroy your careers by leaving comments? Seriously are you guys insane or something? Give me some of that stuff you're smoking man. It's good shit.


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