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Corruption By Rewa Excise Commissioner Rajesh Henary

MP Rewa Excise Dy Commissioner Rajesh Henary Not Complying Local Authority NOC's
भ्रष्टाचार के नशे में दारू विभाग के अधिकारी 

Rewa: The Deputy Commissioner of Madhya Pradesh State Excise Rajesh Henary ignoring local laws for liquor shops at Rewa division. Inspite of law passed by MP govt the public servants ignoring state laws. They are giving permission by taking bribe from liquor vendors in illegal construction. They are not demanding Municipal Occupation certificate of shop/ structure as per municipal act. The alcohol is inflammable item and as per Supreme court Fire NOC is mandatory. MP Urban has separate Fire department for NOC but corrupt officer say that we have not to follow any other than excise act. As per him all the shops are safe and he is issuing certificate of safety by allowing it. It is breach of trust with public and it is cognizable offence as per IPC 409,120B,34 ,166 . Due to such corruption life of employee and customers are in danger. Due to non fire NOC the life of staff and nearby residence are in danger. He may be prosecuted as per IPC 304 A (10 year jail) if any incident occur.  The other divisions are willing to get local law implemented but Rejesh Henary denying and closing CM Helpline complaint forcefully. Another complaint is filed against him for lokauykat enquiry and demanded to make him peon as his knowledge of law is less.
Rajesh Henary Cell Number 9425002317: We are not bounded to follow any  law other than MP Excise act , but we have no copy of exemption order for other laws(NOC)



Excise Department
Mr. Jayant  malaiya Hon. Cabinet Minister 755 2441784 2554366
Mr. Manoj Shrivastava Additional Chief Secretary 755 2441181 2552850
Mr. R.S. Parmar Addl. Secretary 755 2441701 2574263
Mr. Aditi Kumar Tripathi Dy. Secretary 755 2441701 2460633
Under Secretary 755 2760176
Mr. K.K. Singh Section Officer 755 2512120 2572840
Law Officer 755 2576006 2558735
Office of Excise Commissoner, M.P.
Mr. Rajneesh Shrivastava Excise Commissioner 751 2452810 2340901
Addl. Commissioner (Admin) 751 2452677
Mr. Mukesh Nema Addl. Commissioner (Technical) 751 2457358 2342001
Mr. N.S. Jamod Dy. Commissioner 751 2438059 ----
Mr. Dy. Commissioner 751 2457358 ----
Mr. S.R. Mourya Joint Director (Finance) 751 2433626 2239334
Mr. Ajay Sharma Asstt. Commissioner 751
Mr. Parakram Singh Chandrawat Distt. Excise Officer ------- ------
Mr. G.D. Bansal P.A. to Excise Commissioner 751 2452810 2435598Fax ---
Mr. Sharad Raghuwanshi System Analyst Cum DBA 751 2457090 ----
Mr. Govind Sharma Network Manager 751 2457090 ----
Mr. Prasun Hazari System Manager 751 2457090 ----
Mr. Arvind Gupta Asst. Dist. Excise Officer 751 2452810 ----
Mr. Kishor Jain
Computer Programmer

751 2457090 ----
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Dubey Asst. Dist. Excise Officer 751 2457358 ----
Smt. Padma  Kukreja P.A. to Add. Excise Commissioner 751 2457898 2457358Fax ----
Mrs. Rajni Saxena Account Officer 751 2433626
Mr. G.K.Borle Chemist 751 2457358
Mr. Asst. Dist. Excise Officer 751 2457358 ----
State Flying Squad, Bhopal
Mr. Vinod Raghuvanshi I/C Addl. Commissioner 755 2578687 2431290
Dy. Commissioner

755 2578687
Mr. Naresh Choubey
Asst. Commissioner

755 2578687 ----
Bhopal Division
Mr. V.K. Saxena Dy. Commissioner 755 2464315 2431204
Mr. Asst. Commissioner 755 2464315
Mrs. Neerja Shrivastava Asst. Commissioner 755 2464315
Mr. Manish khare Distt. Excise Officer,  Bhopal 755 2540771
Mr. R.N. Soni Asst. Commissioner, Hoshangabad 7562 254300 254320
Mr. Vinod Khatik I/C Distt. Excise Officer, Vidisha 7592 232818 232248
Mr. C.P. Sanwale Distt. Excise Officer, Raisen 7482 222018 222017
Mr. Virendra Dhakad Distt. Excise Officer, Rajgarh 7372 255004 255005
Mr. Shadab Ahmad Siddiqui Distt. Excise Officer, Sehore 7574 224141 254298
Mr. Inder Singh Jamod Asst. Commissioner, Betul 7141 234214 234317
Mr. K.S. Mujalde Distt. Excise Officer, Harda 7577 224620 225835
                                           Foreign Liquor Warehouse of Bhopal Division

Mr. H.S. Bhadoriya Asst. Dist. Excise Off. Bhopal 755 2734370 ----
Mr. P.R. Potphode Itarsi, Hoshangabad
                                            Manufacturing Units of Bhopal Division

Mr. Aishwarya Singh Bundela I/C DEO, Som Disttelery, Sehatganj ---- ----- ----
Mr. Sanjay Engle DEO, Som Disttelery, Rojrachak
Mr. G.C. Gadhwal DEO, Vindhyachal Distillery, Pilukhedi
Gwalior Division
Mr. Shailesh Singh I/C Dy. Commissioner 751 2433383
  Fax 751 2233060 ----
Mr. Asst. Commissioner, Flying Squad 751 2433383 2346354
Mr. Sandeep Sharma Asst. Commissioner, Gwalior 751 2326831 2346354
Mr. R.S. Mishra I/C Distt. Excise Officer, Bhind 7534 230509 236744
Mr. Jagdish Rathee Asst. Commissioner, Morena 7532 226581 226428
Mr. Yogesh Kamthan I/C Distt. Excise Officer, Sheopur 7530 222630 223314
Smt. Vandna Pandey Distt. Excise Officer, Shivpuri 7492 234151 223148
Mr. V.S. Chouhan I/C Distt. Excise Officer, Guna 7542 252253 251944
Mr. R.K. Tiwari I/C Distt. Excise Officer, Datia 7522 234631 234603
Mr. M.M. Khadyot Distt. Excise Officer, Ashok nagar 7543 224410 223023
                                         Foreign Liquor Warehouse of Gwalior Division

Mr. Hemant Bhardwaj Asst. Dist. Excise Officer, Gwalior 751 2452317 ----
Mr. S.C. Semil  Asst. Dist. Excise Officer, Shivpuri
                                            Manufacturing Units of Gwalior Division

Mr. B.S. Parihar DEO Gwalior AlcoBru Distillery 751 2568305-11 ----
Indore Division
Mr. Sanjay Tiwari Dy. Commissioner 731 2574510 2710644
Fax 731 2574511
Mr. Assistant Excise Commissioner    Flying Squad 731 2574510 ----
Mr. Distt. Exicse Officer, Flying Squad 731 2574510
Mr. Alok Khare Asst. Commissioner, Indore 731 2449127

Mr. Nageshwar Sonkesari Asst. Commissioner, Alirajpur
Mr. Vikram Deep Sangar Asst. Commissioner, Dhar 7292 222715 234716
Mr. Abhishek Tiwari Distt. Excise Officer, Jhabua 7392 243653 243658
Mr. K.C. Agnihotri Asst. Commissioner, Khargone 7282 231399 234982
Mr. Madhu Singh Bhaydiya Asst. Commissioner, Badwani 7290 224162 224161
Mr. Vinay Rangshahi

Distt. Excise Officer, Khandwa 733 2223218 2223291
  Control Room 733 2223291 ----
Mr. V.S. Solanki Distt. Excise Officer, Burhanpur 7325 241149 254657
                                            Foreign Liquor Warehouse of Indore Division

Mr. Ram Mani Singh Foreign Liquor Warehouse (Sprit) 731 223308 ----
Mr. Ram Mani Singh Foreign Liquor Warehouse (Beer)
Mr. C.S. Meena Foreign Liquor Warehouse, Sanawad
                                            Manufacturing Units of Indore Division

Mr. M.P. Beer, Indore ---- ---- ----
Mr. S.K. Rajore DEO, Kedia Great Gallian, Dhar ---- ---- ----
Mr. C.S. Ninama I/C DEO Oasis Distt, Dhar ---- ---- ----
Mr. R.C. Birla DEO, Associated Alco.Khargoun ---- ---- ----
Mr. R.C. Ahirwar ADEO, Agrawal Distt. Badwah ---- ---- ----
Jabalpur Division
Dr. P.K. Jha I/C Dy. Commissioner 761 2401500 2415911
Mr. Distt. Excise Officer, Flying squad 0761 2401500
Mr. S.N. Dubey Asst. Commissioner, Jabalpur 761 2624358 5036820
Mr. R.P. Kirar Distt. Excise Officer, Katani 7622 231217 235213
Dr. R.K. Baghel I/C Distt. Excise Officer, Narsinghpur 7792 230691 230481
Mr. R.N. Vyas I/C Distt. Excise Officer, Mandla 7642 252231 252219
Mr. Vikas Mandloi Distt. Excise Officer, Dindori 7644   234721
Mr. Deepam Raichura Distt. Excise Officer, Chhindwara 7162 243407 243408
Mr. Brejendra Kori Distt. Excise Officer, Balaghat 7632 248273 248277
Mr. Rakesh Kurmi Distt. Excise Officer, Seoni 7692 220683 220899
                                         Foreign Liquor Warehouse of Jabalpur Division

Mr. Vikash Tripathi Asst. Dist. Excise Officer, jabalpur 761 2640049 ----
Mr. Pramod Dhurve Asst. Dist. Excise Officer, Seoni
Rewa Division
 Mr. Rajesh Henary Dy. Commissioner 7662 256065 254831
  Fax 7662 256046 ----
Mr. Distt. Exicse Officer, Flying Squad 7662 256855 258712
Mr. K.S.Makale Distt. Exicse Officer, Rewa 7662 256855 258712
Mr. P.L. Rakesh Asst. Commissioner, Satna 7672 224794 223210
Mr. Jagannath Kirade Distt. Exicse Officer, Sidhi
Mr. Anil Jain Distt. Excise Officer, singroli 7822 252278 250342
Mr. S.C. Choudhari Distt. Excise Officer, Shahdol 7652 245248 241383
Mr. Surendra Singh Urav Distt. Excise Officer, Umaria 7653 222932 222422
Mr. T.S. Dhurve Distt. Excise Officer, Anuppur 7659 222353 222371 
                                             Foreign Liquor Warehouse of Rewa Division

Mr. S.S. Parihar

Asst. Distt. Excise Officer, rewa 7662 220322
Mr. Akhileshwar Singh Thakur

Asst. Distt. Excise Officer, Shahdol
Sagar Division
Mr. K.K. Dohar I/C Deputy Commissioner 7582 264502 227991
  Asst. Commissioner, Flying Squad 7582 224502 ----
Mr. Yashwant Dhanora Asst. Commissioner, Sagar 7582 236202 223549
Mr. Sanjay Gupta I/C Dist. Excise Officer, Tikamgarh 7683 242467 242468
Mr. Deepak Kumar Awasthi Dist. Excise Officer, Damoh 7812 222165 222337
Mr. Shailesh Jain Dist. Excise Officer, Chattarpur 7682 248281 248271
Mr. IndraJeet Singh Chouhan I/C Dist. Excise Officer, Panna 7732 252076 252070
                                            Manufacturing Units of Sagar Division

Mr. Agnivesh Sinha
ADEO, Jagpin Breweries, Nougaon

7685 256316 ----
                                         Foreign Liquor Warehouse of Sagar Division

Mr. Arvind Rosta Asst. Dist. Excise Officer, Sagar 7582 263240 ----
Mr. Ram Kumar Sutrakar Asst. Dist. Excise Officer, Chhatarpur
Ujjain Division
Mr. Raghvendra Upadhyay I/C Dy. Commissioner 734 2551157 2518570
Mr. Dist. Excise Officer, Flying Squad 734 2551157
Mr. Harshwardhan Rai Asst. Commissioner, Ujjain 734 2551160 2513908
Mr. Sanjeev Dubey Assistant Commissioner, Dewas 7272 220112 252092
Mr. U.S. Jawa Assistant Commissioner, Ratlam 7412 234798 267978
Mr. Ravindra Manikpuri Dist. Excise Officer, Mandsour 7422 255338 256277
Mr. K.S. Rastogi I/C Dist. Excise Officer, Agar Malwa
Mr. B.R. Ved Dist. Excise Officer, Neemuch 7423 228373 228374
Mr. Javed Ahmad I/C Dist. Excise Officer, Shajapur 7364 226838 229839
Mr. R.C. Barod Asst. Distt. Excise Officer,          Patel Winery, Gram Titri, Ratlam
                                         Foreign Liquor Warehouse of Ujjain Division

Mr.  R.S. Pandey Asst. Dist. Excise Officer, Ujjain 734 2552371 ----

Mr.  N.R. Alawa Asst. Dist. Excise Officer, Jawra

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