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MCGM: Sweet Shop To Close Before 7.30PM




Note:-Cosmetics or toilet goods for the purpose of this license mean articles
intended to be rubbed, sprinkled or sprayed on or otherwise applied to human
body or any part thereof for cleansing, beautifying or as make-up or as a
religious custom and include article. Intended for use as components of any
such articles. Intended for use as components of any such articles
1. Cosmetics of toilet goods shall not be manufactured, packed or prepared
by any process or operation whatever except at a premises which has
been approved by the licensing authority.
2. There shall be two rooms, one for manufacturing for packing and the
other for storage and sale of articles of cosmetics or toilet goods. Each of
the rooms shall not be less than 9.2903 Sq. mt. (100 Sq. ft.) and shall not
be less than 2.440 mt. (8 ft.) on any side. The height of the rooms shall
not be less than 3.050 mt. (10 ft.)
3. The walls of the rooms of the licensed premises shall be either oilpainted
or otherwise rendered impervious to moisture and dirt up to a
height of at least 1.83 mt (6ft.) from the floor and the remaining upper
portion above 1.83 mt. (6ft.) if not oil painted or made impervious to
moisture and dirt, shall be lime washed twice a year. All the Wood in all
the rooms shall be oil-painted every three years.
4. The flooring of all the rooms shall be paved and shall have smooth
5. The place of manufacture or preparation by any process or operation or
packing shall be adequately separated from the place for storage of
6. The rooms shall be well – lighted either naturally or artificially.
7. The premises and all appliances connected with the trade shall be kept
in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.
8. No utensil, vessel or any container, which is composed in whole or in
part, of any poisonous or deleterious substance or is in such a stage, as
to render the contents injurious to health shall be used.
9. The following articles of cosmetics or toilet goods shall not be
manufacture, packed or stored on the licensed premises:-
(i) An article containing any poisonous or deleterious substance
which may render it injurious to users under such conditions of
use as are customary or usual.
(ii) An article containing in whole or part any filthy, putrid or
decomposed substance.
(iii) An article bearing label which is false or misleading in any
(iv) An article which does not bear a label containing the name and
place of business of the manufacture packer or distributors and an
accurate statement of the quantity of the contents in terms of
weight, measure or numerical count misleading.
(v) An article the container of which so made, formed, or filled as to
be misleading.
10. No doors or windows of the licensed premises shall about an any
11. No container use for manufacture for storage shall be kept in any place
in which such container is likely by reasons of impure air of dust or any
offensive or noxious or deleterious gas or substance or any noxious or
injurious emanation, exhalation or affluvium, to be contaminated and
thereby render the article noxious or deleterious.
12. The licensee shall provide a proper washing place in the room for
manufacturing, etc., with a tap from Municipal main on meter
measurement. Such washing place shall be properly drained and shall
discharge over a half channel gully at a point at least 18 inches away
from any drain inlet in the case of the trade located in Greater Bombay
where a drainage system does not exist, the arrangement disposal of
waste water shall be such as to meet with the approval of the Assistant
Health Officer or the Medical Officer of Health of the ward concerned.
In the absence of Municipal water mains in any area, the party shall
make arrangements to store such quantity of water and in such manner
as will be directed by the Assistant Health Officer of the Municipal
Officer of Health of the Ward concerned.
13. The licence shall provide sufficient sanitary conveniences fro use of the
workers in the licensed premises if called upon to do so by the
Executive Health Officer and shall maintain the sanitary conveniences,
in clean and working condition at all times.
14. No fuel other than gas, electricity or kerosene oil shall be used on the
licensed premises.
15. The place will be licensed only if there is no objection from fire risk
point of view or the requirements prescribed so as to render the place
safe from fire risk are carrie4 out.
16. The water supply connection to the licensed premises is liable to be

served for breach of any of the conditions of the licence.



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