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Royalty Penalty of Rs 239cr To Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd

Palghar: District collector penalize Rs 125cr approx. to Supreme Infra for royalty theft at BHIWANDI WADA MANOR highway construction. Company not paid royalty and farmers compensation so total penalty is more than 250cr. The project srarted in 2010.
In what is being said to be the strictest such action, Palghar collector Abhijeet Bangar has fined a highway construction company Rs 247 crore for stealing sand and gravel.

In an order dated December 8, 2016, the collector gave Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd, which built the Manor-Wada-Bhiwandi state highway in 2013, a month's time to cough up the penalty. The move came after local activist Nilesh Sambare went on a fast unto death last August to draw the attention of the authorities to incomplete project work and poor road quality leading to accidents and loss of life. “I am happy with the verdict; it will deter all contractors from cutting corners," he said.

The contractor refused to comment on the matter, saying it is being contested in court.

The order mentions that Supreme Infra had earlier been stopped from taking toll because of the incomplete work, and goes on to state that the contractor allegedly stole the mud, gravel and sand required to complete the 65 km highway, causing loss to the government.

Furthermore, because of the deadly mishaps that its shoddy work led to, the contractor has been asked to pay Rs 25 lakh to each of the families of the 138 people who died on the stretch in the last two years.

In an email response to this reporter, the firm said it worked as per tender specifications and completed the work before time, which was approved by the public works department (PWD). It alleged that the Palghar collector had issued notices to them without carrying out a panchnama or studying the costs involved.The collector's order is, the firm's statement said, being challenged in the Bombay High Court.

Supreme Infrastructure commences toll operations of MWB road project
India Infoline News Service | Mumbai |
Supreme Infrastructure commences toll operations of MWB road projectSupreme Infrastructure India has announced that the company's subsidiary Supreme Manor Wada Bhiwandi Infrastructure (SMWBIPL) has completed the construction of Manor to Wada Road SH-34 in km 29/550 to 53/800 and Wada to Bhiwandi Road SH-35 in km 49/00 to 89/070 Tahsil Wada, Bhiwandi and Palghar, District Thane, aggregating to approximately 64 kms under the build, operate, transfer (BOT) scheme at a project cost of Rs 430 crore. SMWBIPL has commenced tolling operations on 04 March 2013. The project was awarded by Public Works Department, Maharashtra (PWDM). The concession period is 22 years and 10 months. Supreme Infrastructure India executed the EPC work of the project.With this, the company has achieved operational status of its third road BOT project in India.

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