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Filtered Oil Better Than Refined Oil For Health..,

रिफाइंड oil के तत्व जल जाते है साफ़ करने में, filtered oil शरीर को लाभ देता है क्योकि उसको जलाते नही.
Refined Oil में भारी मात्रा में Chemical इस्तेमाल होता है...

We consume cooking oil almost every day in our major meals. But do we put in adequate thoughts in selecting the right kind? How often do you read the label or see how pure the oil is? There are different varieties of oil in the market. The two distinct choices are – refined and filtered. Dietician Neha Chandna helps decode which is the healthier option.
What are filtered oils?
Filtered oils are oils filtered through strainers or others equipments to remove the solid particles and contaminants from the oil but no chemicals are used in the process. They are generally dark and cloudy in appearance and have a peculiar seed smell from which they are extracted.
What are refined oils?
Refined oils are generally treated with chemicals to further rid the oil from impurities, odour and give it a more clear appearance. Most oils sold in the market are refined oils. Also read – is your cooking oil making you unhealthy?
Are filtered oils better than refined ones?
Filtered oils are better than refined ones as they are less processed and treated hence have a higher value of nutrients in them. Refined oils are devoid of beta carotene, vitamin E and minerals.
Another benefit of using filtered oil is that since they have a strong aroma, they are used in lesser amounts helping you manage weight and lipid levels better. They also contain higher amount of vitamins and minerals which add to your overall nutrient intake.
Explains celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar in her YouTube video that filtered oils are healthier as they are produced at a lower temperature so the nutrients are retained and the fatty acid bonds do not become toxic. In case of refined oils, the process is done at a much higher temperature so the oil does not retain any of its natural flavour or taste.
She also adds that to filter oil you need only the best grade of seed which isn’t the case in refined oils as any seed even if it has gone bad can be used in this process. Do you reuse oil? Here’s why it is dangerous.
Which one is better-suited for Indian style of cooking?
Filtered oils have a strong aroma which may overpower the flavour of the food. Therefore most people opt for refined oils for cooking. If you get used to the taste of filtered oils, you can opt for them as they are healthier.
Which is the best filtered oil one can use?
For cooking Indian dishes you can use filtered sunflower or safflower oil and for salads you can opt for filtered olive oil. But avoid frying foods in this oil as it can change the taste of the food being fried. If you are unable to find filtered version of sunflower oil, you can opt for any nut-based filtered oil such as coconut, groundnut, mustard, etc. Read 5 cooking oil myths busted.
So are you ready to make the switch to filtered oils for your health’s sake?

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