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Fairness Cream Burn Cells Of Skin- AIIMS Delhi Doctor Dr.Manoj Singh

Unless there is no change in the concept that fair skin is the beautiful option, people will continue using fairness creams. Nowadays, many beauty experts are trying to create awareness that a healthy and flawless skin with an even tone will make the perfect skin. But, it will take a long time for all those fair skin freaks to accept this reality.

But, how it will be if the harmful effects of fairness creams itself will bring beauty problems for your skin? There are many harmful effects of fairness creams that can be otherwise considered as the fairness creams side effects. These can vary from mild skin irritations to serious problems such as skin cancer.
Sudden fairness creams side effects will present shortly after the application of the cream, whereas long-term effects will be seen over time due to constant use. Knowing the harmful effects of fairness creams will help you decide whether it is a healthy option for your skin. Here we may go through some of the most common fairness creams side effects.
Itching: Itching is one of the common harmful effects of fairness creams. This usually occurs shortly after the application of the cream. It is advised to wash the skin with cold water if you experience any type of skin irritations.
Allergy: There are chances that you are allergic to one or more chemicals used in the fairness creams. This will lead to skin irritations, redness, itching and in serious cases, it will lead to oedema. Always make sure that the cream is free of any allergic substance.
Skin cancer: Constant use of fairness creams is one of the reasons for skin cancer. It is important to use only creams of high quality. Some chemicals used in fairness creams are found to be cancerous. Creams with hydroquinone, mercury, or steroid-based skin lighteners should be avoided.
Dry skin: If you are not smart enough to find out the right cream for your skin, it will end up in dry skin and flakes. Before buying fairness cream, understand your skin type and select a cream that matches your requirement.
Pimples: If you use creams that are too oily, there are chances for the skin pores to get clogged. This will in turn lead to formation of pimples. This is one of the annoying harmful effects of fairness creams as it will leave extra marks and scars on your face.
Photo-sensitivity: Continuous use of fairness creams will make your skin sensitive to sunlight. This will result in sun burn, blisters and pigmentation. Remember that overdoing is definitely harmful while using fairness creams.
It is always recommended to have a trial test on a small portion of the skin, like behind the ears, before applying fairness creams directly on the face. Remember that opting for natural remedies will be the best choice for a healthy and beautiful skin.

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